Wednesday, January 11, 2017

~What Is My Purpose?~

I have been thinking  a lot about my purpose here on this earth with New Years resolutions and such....I have been raising kiddos for many years yet I still feel that I am not "enough" much of the time. Why is that??

As I think through purpose I know deep in my soul that God calls each of us different places, people, ways.....but what is my purpose???? Raising kids, being a good wife, mother, friend...maybe a writer some day???? I feel that it must be much deeper than that....perhaps the purpose of our soul not merely how we spend our days in the minutia of duties???? Does this even make sense?? We must spend our days in all that minutia yet it has to be deeper right?....

As I get older the days seem to be passing like shadows....if I'm not careful they will be gone and I may not have found my purpose??? It is in that thought that I know the purpose of this life is not for me and what I have to is only about God and what he chooses to do with and in me...therefore I will listen more intently....

“He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace” (2 Timothy 1:9).

Friday, January 6, 2017

~Snow Day~

It's our first snow day of 2017 and the kids are out of school:)

I had to bribe them to pose for me on the way out, they were ready to go!

the first snow angel of the year

gathering snow for snowcream:)

while I love a good snow day I hope we don't get many haha!!
in Tennessee schools close if snow is merely forcasted!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

~Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Allie~

Allie turned 29 on New Years Day:)
I cannot believe my first baby will be 30 next year!!!
~am I really that old???~

We celebrated by going to eat at one of her favorite restaurants that is open on New Years

we can barely fit into their largest booth 

Madeline and Janie were playing a game while all their brothers and sisters
kept telling them to hold it down....yep they were loud as usual

Janie wanted me to take a picture of her eating sushi:)
I think she ate more than anyone else at the table!

We are looking forward to our next big family event.....

is she not the cutest thing??? She is 3 weeks old in these pics....

our family has a group text going voting on names which include normal ones...
(must be into E names)

to some not so normal (mostly from the big kids:)
Tall Carol
Moet Chadon Moe for short
Ozzy Pawsborne
Stevie Biscuit
Alanis Morrisette
Pamela Anderson
and the best???
Ceaseless Donna
Confident Heather

these just make me laugh!

Hank is acting like John David did when we got Odie....John David was
 totally into the Garfield movie and the time. He said he wanted a dog named Odie.....when we got Odie, Allie kept asking John David about other names...
he would sit there a minute thinking and every single time respond
"How bout Odie?"
she gave up hahaha

Now everytime I text Hank a new name his response is
"I love it!! Evie (whatever the name I texted)"
He is breaking me down!!!
I think she will be Evie:)

Monday, December 26, 2016

~Christmas Day~

Christmas day was uneventful and awesome...
unless you are Hank:( .....he got a stomach bug wah!
the plus is he slept most of the day and the majority of the fam stayed in our pj's

John David totally cracks me up in both pics....hardly awake haha

the yoga balls were a big hit

the crew helping get breakfast on the table

the rest of the day was spent being totally lazy
the best!

I am thankful for our big ole crazy family  and the joy of celebrating Christ's birth!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

~Christmas Eve Crazies~

Christmas Eve has come and quickly!!
All the kiddos are in town this year so it was extra special to have everyone together
and the Wells family joined us as usual
the perfect Christmas Eve

Allie and Julianne have pulled the wishbone any time we have a turkey since they were little girls!

and Allie ALWAYS wins...look at Julianne's face hahaha

poor JuJu

Carly is Janie's best buddy since she has been home from school:)

I have to post all the pics of the kids because....JACOB AND TYLER
total entertainment!

I'm pretty certain Madeline is telling on them now!!:(

Janie was not in to getting a pic with her sister!

a bit better as long as they are not touching haha

pj time!


Madeline approved this year!!! whoo hoooo

she was not feelin the super hero theme last year haha

Janie read Twas the Night Before Christmas...turning the book so her audience can see the pics:)
She also helped Julianne read about Christ's birth in Luke, she is becoming such a good little reader

the evening ended with the usual antics

just the bigs in their pj's
crazy peeps:)

Friday, December 23, 2016

~Christmas Shenanigans~

making cookies

and more cookies

eating out too much

seeing our new 2 week old puppy!!!!

too many sun rises to count

and lots of movies!!!

we are ready for Christmas:)