Friday, August 19, 2011

Ralph's Throne

Ralph must be VERY loved in our family because his favorite place to sit is on the kitchen counter, totally grosses me out and I clean it ALL the time! Hank gave our last cat to a worker at his clinic because he (Sergio) bit us all the time. John David has just forgiven his Daddy since he now realizes what a mean cat Sergio was now that we have the most awesome cat. Hank used to be enraged when he came in the kitchen to find Sergio on the counter, now he just walks by and pets Ralph, seriously:)

These pictures are proof that I am way too laid back this time in the motherhool department, cat on counter and McDonalds!


  1. HILARIOUS!!!!! I think its a good thing that you are relaxed!!!!!

  2. I find that totally funny!
    Did you get the smurf toy from McDonalds? My siblings have been OBSESSED with collecting those! :)

  3. Haha! I love it and can totally relate!!!! I hate that our cat gets on the counter but do I do anything about it? Nooooo!! LOL! Now we have a stray kitten who gets on the counter!! Sigh! I am on child #5 and am WAY more laid back than I was with child #1!!! Hehe!