Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek.....Madeline and Janie's Room!!!

Madeline and I have been working on her and Janie's room for about a month now. Madeline had very definite ideas about her new room, Allie's old room! I made the mistake of showing her pics from Pottery Barn and she feel in love with the pink canopies to hang over the beds. Those were a must have! Thankfully we were able to find the spreads at the outlet store:). I am hoping to have her moved into her room by next week....still painting the dresser, need to hang pics, move clothing ect.......

On the Pottery Barn website there were butterflies on the canopy....well when we received them, there are no butterflies on the canopy......after a call to Pottery Barn, it was a pic in someone's house and they had added the Madeline and I found some on Etsy:)

lovin the clock hangin on the table:)

Chandelier courtesy was her birthday gift when we moved into our we will keep it until she says otherwise.....right now she says it does not go with her house:)


  1. Breathtaking and I LOVE it!!! Your girls are going to be so happy to be in that room. Such a blessing to have it ready!!! Thank you for the peak! XO

  2. Sooooooo adorable!! I can't wait to see both your little gems in here!!