Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had our annual hayride trick or treating adventure, and much fun was had!

John David was a serial/cereal killer, JP a ninja and Madeline a pink Power Ranger:)

Stopped by crazy camera mom

Trick or Treating in action

Can't imagine how cute these 2 will be as teenagers

Madeline's "best buddy" Michelle, we love her!

the gang

Mrs. Finch  from school, Madeline is mesmerized with her since she came to school dressed as Snow White:)

Yep this is how we roll on Halloween, and the overalls were not a costume, he seriously put those on just to drive the tractor:) All those who "know" Hank, know this to be the truth!

I promise we are a normal family!

On a sad note we cannot find our cat Ralph!! He has never been outside nor tried to and must have gotten out last night in all the chaos. Ads placed, neighbors talked to, tears cried! Aunt Meg has gotten 2 of her escaped cats back by putting out an animal trap with sardines. We will try that tonight with high hopes!! We LOVE our Ralph, he seriously is the best cat!!


  1. oh NO!!! Have you found him yet!?!?!?!?!

    Love the serial killer costume - VERY clever!! Will have to remember that next year!

    Love that M adores her teacher (probably thinks shes Snow White by night, teacher by day!)

  2. When I have had cats, they have been outside cats--but I have had them go away for a couple weeks at a time. So, he may come back. Did your husband go to vet school at Mississippi State? My oldest brother did (graduated in 1994). We live close to Paducah, KY. Are currently waiting for TA for our little girl. Enjoy your blog.