Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Janie Knows She Has a Family!

This morning I received many pictures of Janie opening her care package from us...I have been waiting all month to see these! Get ready there are a lot:)

QingZhong with her foster family, so very thankful to have a picture of her with them so she will always have it.

Looking at her new family, I wonder what went through her sweet little mind??

Melts this Momma's heart:)

looking at her photo album, I put alot of pictures of her in it as well.

checking out her purse:)

I love that her foster mom put the dress on her too, she looks so sweet!

LOVE that we finally get an open mouthed, tongue sticking out smile!!

Biggest smile we have seen yet!

Sweet Janie we cannot wait to hold you in our arms!!!

Thanks to sweet Diana at Pearl River Outreach, I am spoiled to get pictures each month!! Amen, keeps this Mom going!


  1. Sweet! That Lily Jane of yours needed some PINK! I love seeing her smile and seeing her foster family! God bless them for standing in the gap!

    I know you are READY!!

  2. Precious!!!! Smiles from half way across the world are priceless!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!! How precious Paige!!! I know how much those pics mean to you!!!! Wonderful!

  4. Oh how precious and LOVE every single photo~ Janie is just the cutest!!! I know you are just thrilled to see her so well. The photo with her foster family is amazing!!! Blessings tonight sweet friend! I am so happy for you! XOXO