Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ralph is Home!

I am so very thankful to have my cat back. I went to bed last night crying and so sad for my Ralph. John David and I had searched an area pretty far from our house because someone had called and thought Ralph had been in their front yard. John David was so hopeful. After we could not find him we were both just sad at bedtime. Madeline woke me up at 4 am since she is still running a fever. I gave her meds and then could NOT get back to sleep because it was raining and I was so worried for Ralph. I was sitting in the den reading ways of getting your escaped cat back when I thought I heard him, thinking I was going a little bonkers! I kept listening and again thought I heard him but it was so faint I just was not sure. I started walking around the house and this time Goldbug heard him too and was running around the house. I saw him on the front porch when I was standing on the front stairs listening. I think I cried as much finding him as I have over these past few days!

 back on the kitchen counter, we really do love our cat!

I woke John David up this morning by putting Ralph on his head....he was so very happy to have his kitty back! Love the bed head JD!


  1. Praise the Lord!! Did the trap get him? So glad Ralph is home!!!

  2. I am SO glad he's back! Do you think it was aliens who stole him for a little while? ;)