Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time!

Every year we try to get together with the Weirs for a little Christmas get together.....we have to put it on our calendars in November to get everyone together and even with that Gardner and Kendyl were not able to come. We met downtown in a mostly empty restaurant so the kids could be obnoxious.... and they were.  Of course I forgot my camera so we only got BAD iphone pics. I mean really, there is all this talk about how great the camera is on the iphone4 but either it is just bad or I am REALLY bad using it. Most of the pics I have are of Madeline in action, the rest I had to delete because we looked like we were eye glowing aliens:)

 After dinner we headed over to the Peabody to see the Christmas tree and there was some sort of "event" going on which we were quite under dressed for and uninvited to! It did not stop us:)

Thank goodness Madeline got a nap!

Madeline decided Sara was her friend again since she would act obnoxious with her

Looking obsessed to me...

Madeline does not need glowing eyes to look obsessed:)

I don't think she EVER stopped moving, she was totally into being a "twirling ballerina"

OK, I exaggerated, she did stop once

I am such a proud mother

Proof of glowing Christmas tree eyes! We had such a nice time with the Weir's, I'm sure they were relieved to leave the Peabody:)

My ballerina

Can't forget the curtsy:)

Yep can't leave this one out:)

Thank you Weirs for a wonderful night, crazies and all!!


  1. Looks like a very fun night and you are right~ my Iphone photos don't turn out that great either!!! Usually very grainy. But who cares~ LOVE that you tried and didn't let it get you down!!! XOXO
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I think pictures are pictures - they capture the moment! Now portfrats are a whole 'nother thing - when we bribe our kids to be good and sit still :) its more fun when they are moving!