Saturday, March 24, 2012

And We're Back!!!!!

We are home!!!! We had the easiest travel home, even in coach for 14 hours. Just a few melt downs by Madeline but all in all very good. We only slept about 2 or 3 hours total but everyone did well until our flight was delayed only an hour, but that hour brought out bickering among kids and parents:) I think I whined as much as Madeline by the time we got on that plane!!

Last night was a little rough but to be expected. Janie was scared of her room and finally went to sleep in Madeline's room. We had been advised by Madeline's therapist to separate them for a while when we first get home, oh well!! She lasted until 1:30 and cried and cried. We finally ended up where we began the evening inthe first place, in her bed but she was not crying:) Poor baby. She would start breathing heavy, jerk awake and touch me to make sure I was there. I think we both finally fell asleep around 4:00. I got up at 10:00, Janie is still OUT!!

Thank you Courtney and Michelle for a great dinner and a wonderful homecoming!!! Thank you Carson and Kayley for the welcome home signs!!!!!

I will end by thanking my sweet husband for listening to me beg for this child and being willing to travel across the world to bring her home. Our Lord has blessed us greatly and we will forever be thankful for His grace and mercy upon us. He knew all along, we just did not. He promised me He knows what is best and I am amazed by the gift He chose to give us.

This verse has spoken to me throughout this past year to Sarah Jane.

1 Thessalonians 5:24
The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it!

That He did!!

Looking out at Hong Kong

Last look at her homeland....

Janie was SO excited that she got one of her own......Mom made the mistake of not getting her one in Guangzhou!

Madeline showing her best buddy Carson her new sister!

She has done so well with the doggies:)

very unsure...

this may be ok....

eating an awesome US meal!!!!!

these boys are funny

running down the hall after this house full of kids:)

the aftermath......


  1. Super impressed that you were coherent enough to download pictures and post without typos!!!! I love all of these pics.. But, how precious is Madeline showing her BFF her new sister!!! So proud!!!! And, seeing Janie in her beautiful room just made my day!!! Just remember, re-entry is HARD, but soon you will feel human again, and Janie will be feeling comfortable in her new world!!!!!

    Welcome Home!!


  2. Yay!!! Welcome Home!!! I am so thankful the flight went so well!! Praying jetlag is kind to you all, and Janie's transition is quick. So happy for you!!!


  3. Praise God you are home! And praise Him for safe travels!! I am so glad Janie is home with her family!!! Now enjoy some down time with your new and improved family!!!

    Much love!

  4. Welcome home! Looking forward to updates and pictures from home. Blessings

  5. Welcome home! Thanks for sharing your journey, I enjoyed following along! Enjoy your family!

  6. Oh my goodness the laundry!!!!!!!! Something to look forward to in about 4 days. We are missing our other kiddos bad. We skyped them today and my 5 year old burst into tears and my older two said he has been crying for me every night :( Break this mama's heart. Today we went to The Island and enjoyed it. Looking forward to being home. Glad you had safe travels!!!!!!

  7. So glad y'all made it home safe and sound! Loved following y'all in China but I know you're so glad to have your family back home. I hope y'all get some rest and get over your jetlag quickly!

  8. Glad you are all home safe!! I already miss those kiddos. That sweet Janie Bug is going to be alright!! Going to upload some pictures and will email them to you guys this week.