Friday, March 9, 2012

Be in the Hotel Buisness in China!

Hank's first post.....

Our mattresses were really a sort of a composite wafer.  I'm pretty sure they are used in other applications such as structural panels, flooring, roofing panels, acoustical tile, etc.  I was just thinking about the hotel  business in China...I mean it's much cheaper to get started.  Lets do the math...with 22 floors and 90 rooms per floor - we don't have to buy almost 2000 mattresses @ $300 each that is almost $600,000 in savings.  Not to mention that these composite wafers must be cheaper than box springs since there is no way there are any springs in them.

On a positive note, the shower water control actually works this time.  It really seems to be connected to both a hot and cold water source.  

This year, the Hotels are much more sophisiticated with regard to HVAC and thermostatic control of those units.  In the past the thermostat was clearly not connected to ANYTHING and no movement of the dial or controls had any effect.  This year....they upped their game for sure.  Now we have two thermostats.  They even added the feature of when you turn the dial slowly listening for the little "tink" sound (indicating it was calling for air flow based on the temperature selection).  This was a really tricky feature to add because it does NOTHING on either thermostat!  They even added a room key slot next to one of them.....Nice decoy but it doesn't work.  I tried a room card, a room card backwards, all four room cards, shuffled the deck.....doesn't do a thing.

Focusing on things lasting and eternal rather than our own comfort....
This is why we are here.  Little Janie will be handed to us day after tommorrow and she will be taught all about that which is lasting and eternal.


  1. We will invest in the hotel business with you Hank!

  2. Hi Hank!!! So nice to meet you finally!!!! I love your fabulous wife!!! And, of course it is such a blessing for me to see Lili Jayne joining your family!
    Thank you for giving her this eternal opportunity!!!!

    Hopefully after a long day of touring Beijing and climbing The Great Wall, those "beds" will feel like pillow tops!!!

    I can't wait to hear more soon about your China adventures!!


  3. Hahahaha, of course Hank's first post is about thermostats and how much mattresses cost. Of course.