Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conventional Wisdom......or not so much

Conventional wisdom would tell you that the sidewalk is a safe place for pedestrians.  If it were not for the eleventy billion mopeds and compact cars that use the sidewalks just like the streets, the sidewalks would be safe in China.  To make matters worse, the mopeds are electric which got it... they are completely SILENT and you never know they are coming.  If you text and walk the sidewalk you WILL be's just a matter of time.

Conventional wisdom would tell you that when the street crossing signal is green then it is safe to cross the intersection.  Well, not so much here in China.  The crossing signal is NOT connected to the traffic lights in any way.  So when it turns green, the traffic just keeps coming.....they have no idea it turned green other than the fact that a mob of pedestrians began to cross the street.  I may be a redneck from the South but, I have one thing figured out....don't be the first deer out of the woods.   Get in the middle of the pack and get ready to take evasive action.  Also, another strategic maneuver I have been using is to get to the side of the pack away from the oncoming traffic.  Most of the cars are compact and cubcompact and I'm thinking they would likely get stuck in a mire of folks before they hit us....that's a freak nasty thought but hey, use your head right?

Just cause!! These are from yesterday.
Can you tell we are bored out of our minds playing in the room all day????
One more day in Changsha and on to Guangzhou:)
We really like Changsha but we are ready to move on towards home!


  1. Oh...yes!!! To ALL of it!! Traffic to boredom...I agree! Have you been to Martyr park? That would be worth a visit if the weather is nice. Gotta love that smile on Miss Janie!!!

  2. I remember that SO well~ time in the room is good for little one but gets boring for sure!!! Everyone looks like they are getting along so well. Precious Janie just beams with JOY!!! I am so happy for you precious friend~ God is so faithful!!! Blessings and love! XO

  3. I sooo remember all of that crazy traffic in Changsha. It is like taking your life into your own hands just stepping out onto the sidewalk and you get whiplash from constantly looking back over your should to see if a moped or bike is coming your way. I agree with Jennifer, Martyr Park is beautiful and so many different aspect of the Chinese life all in one park. The stay in provinces are a couple days shorter now than they were in 2008. We had to be in Changsha for 6 days and we about died of boredom after a while.

  4. Her little smile is just SO precious!!

  5. Your personal OT sas she as an amazing pencil grip!
    Don't text on those sidewalks!

  6. IS there conventional wisdom in China?? tee hee! The girls looks pretty cute, even if they are bored! Love their matching dresses!!

  7. So ready for you to come home! :)

  8. That smile!!! She has the best smile contagious! Looks like she's doing so well:)
    And I totally agree....that traffic is SCARY!! We tried not to cross streets as much as possible!
    Love the girl's matching outfits!

  9. Catching up on your blog - so happy to see pics and that beautiful, smiling face! She is absolutely beautiful! Autumn did the same thing with her bows when I showed her the "bow box". So precious! Looking forward to meeting up in Guangzhou. Kate