Monday, March 12, 2012

God's Glory........

Yes, that is what we have seen today. We entered the Civil Affairs building to be told Qing Qing was already there. Poor baby cried all the way from the foster parents apartment to the building and was still crying when we arrived.

This little angel can light up a room with her smile and laughter. Hank and I both feel that bringing John David and Madeline was the best thing for Janie. She plays so well.....ALOT busier than we imagined......yeah joke is on me!! We are so very thankful!! Here are a few pics for proof....

What can we say about today? Shocked would be the most accurate discription. Hank and I were both a little concerned the first 10 minutes, she seemed unsteady and cocked her head to the side and would not lift it much. Needless concerns.....this child is a master giggler. I imagined this day to be so very differently. I'm sure we will see a different child when bed time comes but right now she is throwing a beach ball like a baseball player at her brother and falling down laughing every time he falls down when hit.

Another funny thing is the bow. I showed her all her bows and her eyes lit up and she started putting it on top of her head. EVERY time it gets loose, she runs to me to fix precious!!

This has been such a wonderful day. God told me to "watch this miracle unfold before you" and it sure is. We are thankful!


  1. I couldn't wait to check your blog when I got up this morning! God is so good! Janie is just precious and looks like she was made for your family (of course she was)! Congratulations!

  2. I came and got on the computer first thing this morning! So glad you had updated.
    I started waking up last night at 10:00(yes I was asleep that early) God had me pray for peace and acceptance for everyone. I woke up several more times to pray in the middle of the night. I bet you had lots of friends doing that and thinking of you. The power of PRAY! Love you guys-im teary eyed! Sarah B.

  3. This is amazing! Nothing short of a miracle. How precious to see all three of them laughing and playing!!! I am so happy for you and hope that she sleeps peacefully. What a little angel.

    (and the bow looks ADORABLE on her!!) Gotta love it when a girl loves her bows!!!!


  4. Words cannot express how thrilled i am to see this precious child find her forever family. We sponsored her for a while and just fell in love with her sweet face. It is so great to see her smile. I am so happy for you and your family, may God bless you all.


  5. In all the months of seeing her pictures, this is the first time I have seen her really smile much less laugh. She looks like she has always been with you. Love, Auntie Gay

  6. Oh my gosh there is so much I want to say!!!!! But, the first thing is Thank you Jesus!!!!!! We prayed that God would go before you and prepare Janie's heart.. He clearly did!!!! To see that precious and sweet little Janie so proud and happy to have a family makes me want to weep!!! Look at that first family photo! It's beautiful!!!!! And, to know she cried is good too.. She knows she lost something. But, that smile defines what she has already gained in such a short time. And, your sweet southern girl loves bows already!! You might have Jen's "bow lady" to thank for that. Connie sent a huge box of bows recently to the kids!!! And, I know Janie was a recipient! Speaking of Jen.. You can talk to her about active Changsha girls too!!!! I am just so happy to see these GREAT first day photos, to see a smile on her precious face, and to see God's miracle come to fruition! It has been awesome to watch your story unfold! Congratulations Paige and Hank! You have another treasure on your hands and, in your hearts to love and care for forever!!! Thank you for saying, "yes!!"

  7. P.S: So sweet that she brought her puppy!!!!! I am guessing Madeline was relieved about that! :) Speaking of "M" she looks like such a proud big sister.. I could go on and on.. But, time to wake up the crew!!!! Daylights saving time is going to make this a rough start!!! I hope she is bathed and sleeping with her puppy!!!!!

  8. So many tears in my eyes, its hard to type!! so happy for you , your family and Janie. She does seem very happy inthese pictures. She really doesn't know what a lucky girl she is to be joining such a great family!! Praying for peace and your and her as you begin your journey home!!

  9. So exicited for all of you! Janie looks like she would light up a room with her precious smile and Madeline and John David are so happy too. Praising Him this morning. Blessings to you all, Yvette and Ed Bynum

  10. Bawling as I view these photos. What a story these photos tell. Janie's eyes tell it all and then her full on smile, Wow! To see this day come......
    Love that she loves bows! Adorable pic of the 3 kiddos--- a giggler-- she is your daughter!

  11. She's beautiful!!! Many prayers for your family!

  12. Her smile says it all. Welcome home Janie!

  13. I couldn't be happier for your precious family!!! God is so good and had BLESSED you all BIG~ what a precious baby you have! She is gorgeous and SO thankful for that beautiful smile!!! LOVE is amazing!!! Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey! Praising God for this miracle in your life!!! Hope you all sleep so well!!! See you in the morning sweet friend!!! XOXO

  14. Many many congratulations! We are, or rather were (!), fellow Bamboo sponsers of Miss Lily Jane. It is beyond wonderful to see her smile, surrounded by the love and joy of her family and we are so happy to see you all united.

    Felicity (aged 1) blows kisses and we send our love and prayers for the remainder of your time in China and the whole wide future ahead of you.

    Carie, John and Felicity

  15. She is precious! Love her smile. Each day will get better and better. Blessings

  16. OH my goodness, she's a doll!!! And look at those smiles!! She already looks so comfortable with y'all! Still praying for her continued peace, but looks like she's loving her new family and attention already:) SOOO happy for y'all!!! And love her outfit and bow!! :))

  17. She's beautiful!! I'm so glad that the day is finally here! Ryan and I will be praying for yall.
    -Katie and Ryan Wooden

  18. Hi,
    I'm visiting from Diana's blog, your little Janie is so precious. LOVE her big, sweet smile:) You have a beautiful family and are truly blessed. God is GOOD!
    We stayed at the Dalton in July of 2010 with our little spice girl. Seeing your photo's today, brings back so many heartfelt memories. Thank you for sharing.
    I look forward to following y'all on the rest of your journey.
    God Bless,

  19. Hi:

    I, too, am "here" from Diana's blog. Your Janie's smile lights up the room! How wonderful and what a blessing to have her so at ease already with your family. I love how you heard God's voice.

    My name is also Jane/Janie! :)

    Jane Klingenberg

  20. Paige, I am so happy for your family, for Janie, for one less, for a beautiful first day!!!!
    Thanking God for this precious gift!!!
    Love Mary

  21. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Funny you say that God has used you as the vessel to be her savior. I was just thinking that same thought are the vessel for her to know her savior that otherwise she might not have ever known. Glory be to God that you answer his calling, that you are obedient.....because the outcome is overwhelming goodness, lovingness.....I can't put all the words together, but I hope you know what I am trying to convey. I am so happy for every single one of you and those of us that have been privileged enough to witness this experience, journey, and work of our amazing God.

  22. Congratulations! Janie is amazing! Love those smiles and those smiling eyes! Glad to hear things are going so well! Blessings, Cathy