Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just A Little Update.....

We are still calling her Janie, just changed her full name. I'm sure some of you are still surprised :). Hank and I were talking about her name when we were in Tucson and it dawned on him that nothing legally had been done yet. Kind of like sitting in a hospital room the day your baby is born, the nurse brings you the birth certificate form and you just change your mind. Hank decided that was going to happen. His mother passed away when John David was 2 and had such a heart for missions and orphans. His family had a foster child as Hank was growing up. This is his desire to honor his mother and his sister so it is my desire as well:)

Actually this makes perfect sense if you know us well:) You never know what you're gonna get with our family!!!

Janie is snoring away in her crib. Poor baby cried for an hour as I tried to get her to sleep last night. She kept calling for her grandmother, that is what she called her foster mother. She would not let me hold her, so I rubbed her back, she tried to move away from me. Just very sad to see her grieve but it is also good to see her do this, and know she was attached to her foster mother. She finally fell asleep when I hummed to her.Her cry is so quiet and sad. I'm sure she will let us comfort her in steps!


  1. The grieving is a positive thing but so sad to watch and listen to. Bless you as you comfort her. You are right.... in time. Blessings and love!

  2. Jia slept in her stroller the first couple of nights. She wouldn't get in bed with me and clung to the stroller. On the third night I tried to get her and out and she finally let me. It was such a breakthrough for her! Praying for you all!

  3. Oh poor baby. As much as you know it's healthy for her to grieve it doesn't make it any less painful to watch. Her smiles sure make it worthwhile though!

  4. Bless her little heart. So sorry she has to go through this sad time to get to the other side.

    I have always loved the name Sarah Jane and it is very special that she is named in honor of her auntie and grandmother. Sarah means "princess," so she will be your sweet Princess Janie!

    ~Lindy D.

  5. Oh Paige-- as much as I know those tears are a great sign it breaks my heart knowing she is scared and you so badly want to provide her with comfort. in time you will provide so much security and love for her that today you can't imagine.

  6. Hey Friend!
    Just checking in and saw this update... I love the name Sarah too.. It's always been on the top of my lists for all of our girls.... And, Sarah Jane is beautiful!!!! I am sorry your sweet girl was sad.. So hard to witness, but soooo healthy too. She was loved! You remember my days not too long ago when I was struggling that I was not Emme's go to gal.. Now look at her.. I couldn't peel my sick little peanut off me today... Just keep on keeping on... I know you are patiently taking her lead.. Even if that means loving her from a distance!

    I hope today is starting out well!


  7. Dear Paige amd Hank:
    What a precious child! She is so very fortunate to have you all as her family. My prayers are with you every day. We can't wait to meet our new granddaughter but will wait until you give the word. So many are praying for you. We love you!

    Mom and Jim