Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just Sayin.....

 The joke is totally on us. We took the kids swimming and Janie is like a crazy girl. Totally hilarious......jumps right in and NEVER stopped moving much for my total timid, scared girl. She has NO fear. And yes, we do have a pool that will be locked. I think I will be paranoid all summer long, Courtney I'll so be there with you!!!!! I think I will have to put an alarm on my doors!!!

Janie also keeps "whispering" to us in Chinese and we can't understand anything of course. She whispers and laughs and runs to the next person, whispers and laughs. She is so funny!!

I was posting about swimming and they started dancing and I had to take pics of course!! They are in their princess pj's dancing and Janie will do anything Madeline does. They are so funny!!!!!!! Gardner, they are dancing to Andrew Bird!!!!!!:)


  1. Priceless! I'm dying to know what she is whispering causing her to laugh! Hysterical! I've already arranged for Liz Gano to be here for two weeks but I am still calling for the baby safe fence!
    I just can't wait to meet her--she is just full of life! The rest if your crew is going to have fun with her!

  2. I feel like every time I check in on you I am witnessing such a beautiful miracle.... She continues to surprise me, I can't imagine what it's like for you! She is so precious, and seeing her with her forever family is beyond special!!!

    Hugs from MN!

  3. Her little rosebud mouth is so adorable. I am so blessed each time I see your newest photos and post. So glad I found your blog through Diana's post. Miss Janie has personality plus!!

    ps. I never could do a cartwheel!

    Jane Klingenberg
    Meeting our sweet little girl in Hunan on April 5!!

  4. This is so sweet! I cannot believe Miss Janie has such a big personality! She had all of us fooled!!!

  5. Too cute!!!!
    So thankful things are going well. Blessing to you all, Yvette and Ed Bynum

  6. What a cute duo!!! SJ does everything EK does and now they have WP copying too. LOL Blessings and love!!!

  7. Best friends already!!!!!! Have you heard "stop copying me!" yet?!

    They are the prettiest princesses dancing!