Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Our Way

We made it to Chicago bright and early this morning, connecting to Beijing at 12:00. Of course this morning had too much action as I did not make it to the airport with my backpack that has ALL THE IMPORTANT PAPERWORK! I remember laying it down on the porch with the rest of the luggage when I went back in to lock up. Our trusted chauffeur Jimmy, Hank's partner, flew back to our house and back to the airport!! We made it with about 20 minutes to spare. Jimmy, we cannot thank you enough, thanks for breaking all speed laws in Shelby county:)

We pray that is all the excitement we have today!!


  1. Thanking God for your personal chauffeur today too!!!! Good grief, I hope you are upgraded and that you can relax for 12+ hours!!!! Remember once those doors close, you can turn your brain off for a while!!!! Can't wait to see the first post from Beijing soon!!! Have an awesome trip, and no more drama!! Don't you dare lose that camera bag!!!! :)


  2. Oh my word!!! Nothing like a little panic to get you moving!! Thank God you got it in time!!! No more drama!! Hope your flight is much less drama-filled!!!

  3. What a good friend!!!!!!!!!! So excited for yall. Can't wait to see your gotcha day. We leave in 7 days. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Will follow you while we are in China. :)

  4. Yeah for jimmy!! You poor thing I bet you were a mess!!! Can't wait to follow this part of the journey. You are the first person I thought of as I woke up!!! Safe travels!! Love u guys!!

  5. Blessings as you travel!!! God is going with you AND waiting with Janie for you. Blessings and love ! XO

  6. Dear ones:
    My heart ached when I saw Janie crying! Then I was so happy to see her laughing and happy!! God bless John David and Madeline for the love they are showing her! We are all so blessed to have Janie in our family. Love and blessings, Mom/Maw Kitty