Friday, March 16, 2012

On To Guangzhou......

God has been smiling upon us. We had another great day with Janie. I promise I am not exaggerating...she is so sweet and happy. Wondering when the other shoe will drop:) We were so prepared for a trip different than what we are very thankful that we are having an easy time of it so far!

Janie did great on the flight. She was very pensive as we went into the airport and then was fine. She sang to me on the plane, hand motions and all. She is so expressive and funny. I think she is always going to be looking for a good time:)

Tomorrow we have her medical exam and that is all I know so far. Our hotel is awesome and roomy, emotions are high and happy tonight:).....oh and VERY little whining today!! Whooo hoooo!

she cuts her eyes to both sides and laughs at herself:)

Everyone at the Dolton loves Dean!!

right outside the Dolton Hotel

First icecream at McDonalds:)

We enjoyed walking the streets of Changsha daily just to get out of the hotel room.

With our guide Amy. Janie was not sure about the whole airport thing!

playing cars with her jie jie:)


  1. I am SO happy things are going so well!! What a blessing! I am STILL waiting for the other shoe to drop with Gracie!! Enjoy your time in GZ!! I am sure the weather is great!

    bTW...LOVE that ice cream pic! TOO cute!!!

  2. Paige,
    Janie looks like she is doing so well. So happy for your family. Well we are in Beijing, I can't believe we are here. Sunday will be Mia day.

  3. She is such a cutie. Looks like she is full of life. Glad you had such a wonderful guide like Amy. She looks great also. Blessings

  4. She just looks so happy in every picture, esp the ice cream one! Too cute!! So glad she's adjusting so well!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Loved the cartwheel. :)

    I am glad that your sweet Janie is doing so good - what a blessing! Welcome to GZ!!