Thursday, March 22, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.......

We made it to Hong Kong via train around 7:00 this evening. It was not bad at all. We did a test run with all our luggage from our room to the lobby this afternoon to see how bad it really was going to be:) Our guide Kelli helped with Madeline and Janie through the train station but we were good to go by the time she left us. We already miss her!!

Mom, Hong Kong reminds me so much of Panama. Really pretty and busy. We are at our hotel via a small Toyota cab and all our luggage. If the driver could understand us he would have reported us, Madeline stood up eleventy billion times, Janie pooped again, Madeline was touching John David, John David was touching Madeline, Madeline stood up eleventy billion times, repeat. For a day that was super easy, we made up for it on a 20 minute cab ride!!! The hotel is great, never ever traveling without the executive floor again!!

Our plane takes off at 11:00 a.m. We have been blessed in every way this trip. Every single thing has gone well. I truly dreaded the train ride and getting all the luggage and 3 kids and it was no biggie. Tomorrow should be LONG but I think we are up to it due to the fact we are going home. YAY!! I have to say this has been a wonderful, blessed trip.

Janie has been doing so great. Today on the train she started singing to me, she was standing in the aisle. All of a sudden, she got the saddest look on her face, closed her eyes and put her arms over her eyes. She would not let Hank or me hold her. We think she was thinking about her foster mother, she must have sung that song with her. This lasted a few minutes and then she was back to her happy self. So much going on in her little mind. Please continue to pray for her as we leave all she knows. She is so very resilient, sweet, smart, precious and brave. We love her with all our hearts and are thankful to be bringing her home.

Thank you for following along with us and for your prayers which we know have been many!!!!
I will try to post a few pics when we get home:)


  1. SO happy you made it to HK~ loved it there! Such a sweet story about Janie remembering~ amazing relationship she had and means all the more she will love you!!! Blessings as you go to sleep. I am emailing you back a very long story so feel free to read when you are back home. It has been a very hard 4 weeks for us!!! XOXO

  2. Just came across your blog accidentally and loved reading through your travel posts. Your family is just darling and your newest addition - what a personality! Congrats and safe travels home.

  3. The image of Janie covering her eyes made me tear up. Such a tender little heart with so much love. Praying for all of you as you travel home!

  4. As I type you are on the plane!!!! I have been praying for those Travel Mercies!!!! Can't wait to catch up once you get through the re-entry phase!!!!

    Congratulations once again on that precious little daughter of yours!!!! It has been a blessing to see her blossom in such an amazing way! I can't wait to see her 6 months from now!!!


  5. Yay!! You are on your way home!! What an amazing journey you've had!! I have loved following every bit of it! Praying for travel mercies (including sanity!!) and for re-entry mercies :) I can't wait to see Miss Janie blossom in the weeks to come!!