Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rambling posts by Hank & Paige

Most of you have known of Lily Jane for the past year.  Well at the last minute we changed her name - sorry about that!  Introducing Sarah Jane....  It just happened.  It's official on her papers....Sarah Jane Wright.  Sarah is my sister's name and my mom loved that name.  (Hank)

A little uncertain about being back at the Civil Affairs building  (Paige)

It's official, she is a Wright. She looks like she is not sure what she is getting into poor baby! (Paige)

I think many of us wonder what our love would be like for an adopted child.  Would it be the same as our love for biological children?  I often wonder if that holds people back....I certainly didn't know the answer to that question.  I can tell you....unequivocolly....that there is NO difference.  Ask anyone who has both biological and adopted children and they will tell you.  I see myself as an expert since I have children from every possible means other than kidnapping!  This little girl is full of life, laughter and love and we hope to be the instrument God will use to bring her a savior.  We thank you for your love and support.  (Hank)

napping on the go with her doggie which is go go in Chinese, sure I spelled that wrong! She is very attached to gogo which warms my heart since we sent it to her a month ago:)   (Paige)

We saw this advertisement for sunglasses on the window of an optometry think the ad agency might have lost a little something in translation?   Helen Keller?   Really?   (Hank)

John David is laying on the bed playing on the ipad and just said  "God has performed so many miracles this trip."
Who can say adoption does not teach your children about Jesus???   (Paige)


  1. It is a joy to see these wonderful photos of smiling Janie! I posted yesterday, saying my name is also Janie. I had to smile reading today's post, because my dear daughter's name is Sarah Jane. We call her Sadie.

    Praying blessings for you right now!

    Jane Klingenberg

  2. Sweet pictures and posts. Praying for you all, Yvette and Ed

  3. I can't believe you changed her name??? lol...Hello Miss Sarah!! Happy Adoption Day!!!

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Sweet John David!
    That ad is....... Interesting. Hmmmmmm
    I hope each day brings more security and peace for Janie

  5. Hank, only YOU would find a poster like that in china!!!!
    congratulations to miss Sarah Jane WRIGHT??

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's official!! What a beautiful family! We are so very happy for you.

    Lucy and I are catching up on your posts, and this is one big trip down memory lane. We remember the Dolton fondly. Did you make it to the Wacko Market around the corner? The CA building brings back memories too. Sat on those benches waiting for what seems like forever.

    'Hello' to John David from Louis.

    This is so EXCITING! Many many prayers for you all!

  7. So true! People have asked me the same thing, if it's possible to love the same, and YES!! Without a doubt, immediately....YES!! I love the picture where Sarah(love her name:) is looking up at her brother. You can tell she already adores sweet! She looks so happy!

  8. I love the Helen Keller line of sunglasses.....:) I LOVE THE NAME CHANGE! Sarah Jane it is for me! You know I love double names.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!!! Loved the photos~ what a precious doll! SO thankful she is in your arms now and begin her Forever!!! Blessings and love! XO