Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Walk Through Guangzhou and the Qing Dynasty Museum......

Ok for the funniest part of the day. I dressed the girls this morning in UNmatching outfits. A few minutes later Janie kept going to the suitcase and pouting and whining. I gave her goggles, her doggie, her bear and FINALLY figured out she wanted a dress on like Madeline's :) Man am I in trouble!!!!

So we walked the streets near our hotel and then went to a museum about the Qing Dynasty. It was really interesting and a good way to pass the time. Then we had McDonalds for lunch:)  Only in China does it taste so good!

playing in the lobby

see it cooked and see it......


making noodles

market alley

hows that for fresh chicken????

fresh turtles and frogs anyone?????

Janie continues to do well. She calls us Mama and Baba freely and will come to me for help or if she wants to show me something. We bought her 2 things at Shamien Island because we just could not say no to that face. Only a few yuan but that's gonna change when we get home:(  She let me carry her around today and wrapped her arms around my neck, so sweet. She will let me kiss her cheek but does not want to kiss me:) Baby steps. She is so very precious. John David was trying to steal french fries from her today and she caught on so fast!! She gave him a sly smile every time and held her hand out to get it back!



  1. I feel like I'm reliving China through you. Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed catching back up. Praying for no more sickness for any of you.

  2. Paige, my I say that your photo skills are INCREDIBLE. You should never doubt yourself. :) I can't believe how old Maddie looks now that she's a big's crazy! We can't wait to see you all...FRIDAY!

  3. I know you are SO ready to be home!!! Almost there!! THey all look like they're having the best time...and SO cute!!

  4. Paige,
    Janie looks like she has been with yall forever. It just amazes me. Mia is slowly revealing herself to us each day. We will start day 4 with her and look forward to seeing what today holds. I know you are ready to be home. I am ready for some American food already. :) I can't wait to get a Starbucks. Oh, Mia actually cried for me yesterday. Melted my heart.

  5. Paige,

    I just realized that none of my posts "took". (Guess I should have had one of my kids do it for me! :) So... happy belated birthday! And Congratulations on your precious new daughter. Thanks for sharing the trip; so fun to catch up on you daily. Hugs! Valerie

  6. Precious post~ SJ wanted her clothes to match EK too. And now when she looks back she says I should have put a BIG bow on her not a baby one. LOL Blessings to you in the last days!!! XOXO

  7. Uh oh - so much for hand me downs!!! You'll be buying new duds (bummer, huh?!) that's been the hardest for us, cause while that's fun - we've got too many hand me downs!! Proud of John David for thinking of creative ways to bond with Janie!

  8. Wow. Where is that noodle guy and market alley? We are trying to find something to do tomorrow and that looks interesting. Been to Shamian twice...not that we'd count it out for two days in a row, but something else might be more entertaining for the kids. Kate