Friday, March 9, 2012

We Made It.......

Yes Fluffy and Snowflake rode on the plane. She managed to fit her other stuffed animals in various suitcases:)

some things never change:)

John David and Madeline were great travelers. The 14 hours on the plane went by just like you would expect 14 hours on a plane to go by, but it really was not that bad. I cannot believe how well Madeline did, just played, ate and slept.

One thing I did not anticipate were the emotions I felt as we walked through the Beijing airport with Madeline; her first time in her birth country since she was a baby. Made me tear up and hold her hand a little tighter as she stared at all the Chinese people around her. She has been so very precious!!

We are settled into the Poly Plaza Hotel just like the Clampets of the Beverly Hillbillies, roll away bed and all, in order for us to be able to fit in a suite.

Two Madeline quotes to leave you with:
"Mommy, where is my leg pit?"
When she woke up on the plane she asked,
"Can we get Janie now?"

Thank you for all the prayers!!!!


  1. Yay!! I am so happy the flight went well!! I am believing the whole trip will go as smoothly!

    Madeline is always!

    When I saw the pic of John David and his dad, I thought he looked exactly like his dad. Then I saw the pic of you and him, and I think he looks exactly like you too!!!

    Enjoy Beijing!!!! Just a few more days!!

  2. Constantly thinking about you all, so glad you have arrived safely!

  3. So happy for you. I am anxiously following along from KY!

  4. So Glad you made it safe. Can't wait to see Janie day. I get goose bumps thinking that we will be on that plain in 6 days. I can't believe Mia day is almost here too. I pray that Janie will embrace your sweet family.

  5. Thanks for letting us follow along on this amazing journey! Both my girls are avidly following too. Prayers and lots of good thoughts your way from SC.

  6. SO SO thankful you are there and SO know what you mean walking through airport with your China baby!!! My little ones held on to me a little tighter to~ very overwhelming at times. There is NO place like China. Enjoy every minute!!! XO

  7. Hey Friend!!! You look fabulous after your marathon day!!! So happy to see you with your precious crew!!!! And, so glad that the kids did great!
    I can't imagine what it will be like one day to return with our China trio! What a blessing for her to have your hand to hang on to!!!

    I hope you are having fun in Beijing! I am sure you have a busy day planned!!!!! It's almost Janie day! WOOHOO!!!!!