Sunday, March 11, 2012

We're In Changsha!!!!

We have been up since 3 a.m. and not because we had a flight to catch, we are still jetlagged. It does not seem as bad as it did for me on our last trip to China. Probably since I did not sleep much before we left:) We arrived in Changsha around 10 a.m. and have met our guide, Amy, and checked into the Dolton Hotel.
I have felt very overwhelmed while meeting with Amy about what we need to have ready for meeting Janie tomorrow. So many emotions, all very surreal! Well, everything has felt surreal these past few days. Just being here with Madeline is emotional. She has been so very happy, it as if the emotional build up over the past months is finally released for her. She is not afraid and takes it all in. This is such a special time with her and I am thankful to be here with both the littles. Bigs we so miss you all!!!!!

Amy gave us directions as to where to find water, food ect. On our last trip we did not go anywhere without our guide. We took to the streets in search of Pizza Hut and it tasted JUST like home. Changsha feels like a foreign New York. Lots of sights and sounds to take in.

Amy informed us that Janie lives with her foster family in the city and I have seen a few buildings that look like the buildings in the pictures we have received. Germantown is going to be much quieter than what she is accustomed to. Both Hank and I have been sad thinking about what Janie is about to go through tomorrow. It is hard to even imagine her thoughts and feelings. I am praying we both feel peaceful in the morning, we do know this is God's will and know He will carry us all tomorrow. John David and Madeline are so excited:)

Some pics from our trek through the city.....

John David and Madeline thought the dragon in the hotel lobby was awesome.

the pedestrian walk in front of the hotel

Apartments that look very similar to Janie's foster parent's

looking out on the street outside Pizza Hut....anything goes!

We walked by this and I commented " Oh Hank, look at the cute little eggs!" His reply, "Paige, they're bird eggs!"

bunnies, birds and turtles....

anything goes on the sidewalks as well.....

famous chicken feet

cars in front of the hotel.....Hank and I can't believe how different it is in China since we were here before the Olympics. We did not see these nice cars then!


  1. I loved that hotel! Tell Amy I said hello. She was our guide also and was so good to us. Looking forward to gotcha day. Blessings

  2. Wow! I didn't see those nice cars there either! And those little bird eggs...I thought they were mini eggs too! :) I'll be praying for y'all and especially peace for Janie as she transitions into her new loving family. Almost time to meet your baby girl!!

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! I am so glad to see you are in Changsha!! And, the sun is shining!!!! Praying that continues for you throughout your big week!
    I know that feeling of anticipation the night before your little one leaves all she knows. I truly believe that Janie is going to do great! God has been so faithful in bringing her to your family! And, having your "Littles" there is going to be so good for her! They have a big job tomorrow!!! I will continue to pray for Janie's fears leaving all she knows, and for peace as she embraces God's plan for her!


  4. I will keep you all and especially Janie in prayer. Thank you for posting and keeping us involved in your emotions and excitements. I love you all and know that God has been in this journey and will continue to be so.

  5. How cool that you and your friend Debbie had the same guide--wow, what a small world!!
    OK, are those turtles, birds and bunnies sold as pets????
    Little bird eggs--frightening but even more so are the chicken feet!! Did JD try those??
    Did Madeline get a balloon??? saw those in the pics!!!
    I hope you are sound asleep right now as I know you need some rest for this humongo day today!!!
    Many prayers for you all!
    Missing you in Germantown!!

  6. Glad you are almost to Janie Day!!! Praying for you all and know God will bless big. LOVE all the photos you shared! Oh how we miss China!!! Can't wait to go back!!! Blessings and love! XO

  7. Oh, that parking! We commented also on how many nice cars we saw in China. And the noise-so funny that Emy can actually here the birds chirping here and see the mooon/stars (not blocked bt smog!) Will be praying for an easy transition for Janie and your family.

  8. Yay!!! I love seeing Changsha again!! I can't believe you are just hours away from meeting Miss Janie!! What a blessing that Madeline is having such a great trip! She is going to be a rock star tomorrow with Janie. It is going to be amazing!!! So excited for you! Can't wait!!


  9. Loved seeing pics of Changsha again. We were there right after the Olympics and during the Para-Olympics. I remember noticing the nice cars and there were soooo many too. The streets out side of the Dalton can be crazy. We were up on the 27th floor and I remember hearing the sirens and beeps way into the morning from way up there.

    So excited to see pictures of your new little addition tomorrow. I remember seeing her precious face several months ago on the Pearl River sight and thinking how precious. So glad to see her join her "forever" family tomorrow.