Sunday, April 8, 2012

Janie's First Easter!

First off I have to thank all my bigs for being such awesome kids/grownups. Our house is slightly chaotic right now, chaotic being the key word. These kids just take it in stride and help out all they can. They have accepted their roles as big sisters/brothers with grace. I got back home from I don't know where on Saturday and Julianne had cleaned the entire downstairs and emptied the dishwasher ( my most dreaded chore!). I knew it had been bad that afternoon when she felt so sorry for me!!:) Janie has a horrible diaper rash right now and seeing as she is having bowel issues many times a day makes diaper changes hard. Bless her heart, she calls for her Grandma every time. She is in so much pain, it is painful to watch her as well. We hope we can get it cleared up soon, poor baby!

Despite the chaos, we had a wonderful day. My favorite days are those when all the kids are here. We had a great lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Janie was so cute all day, she is mostly happy until she realizes we have to change her diaper:( Madeline only had one meltdown and was so sweet to Janie during the hunt:)

can't have a post without a crazy John David pic

would not be a normal day in our home without Hank hunting a chipmunk in his Sunday best. Long story about the chipmunk hunting. Let's just say they started it!

Even Janie is trying to act goofy!

she is not sure what these crazy people are doing!

Janie did not trust that Julianne was just opening candy for her:)


  1. re diaper rash--PLEASE try this. It is the BEST. Our NICU used it on the babies, and my nurse SIL and I swear by it. It is the best I have ever tried. It is over the counter, but usually have to have the pharmacist order it for you and it comes in a couple days.
    gorgeous images! Gorgeous family!

  2. First off..I am dying laughing at the gun pics! Our families would love each other :) lol...
    Secondly, I love seeing all your kiddos sweet!
    Third...I am so sad that Janie is in so much pain! Gracie gets rashes regularly, but they're not as bad as that. Cincy told me what ointment they suggest, but I can't remember. If I find it, I'll email you.


  3. I so remember those crazy chaotic days just home with a new little one~ things will mellow out and you will forget. :) Praying Janie's diaper rash clears up~ that is terrible!!! Your photos of you day are great!!! What a beautiful family~ love the smocked dresses!!! The gun photos were priceless~ I thought we were the only ones with a dad that goes out shooting animals right outside our front and back doors~ we squirrel hunt in our yard. :) They started it here too. Chew holes in our house and climb right in. ARG!!!! You look wonderful and SO happy you have your family together!!! Blessings and love!!! XOXO

  4. Love all of your Easter pics...especially the one of you and the kids! Y'all are so photogenic! And love the girls adorable dresses...precious. Looks like y'all had a great Easter!