Monday, April 9, 2012

My Mind......

Is all over the place right now. I feel exactly like I did when I came home with a day just flows into the next and you can't remember if you ate or if you took a shower. I realized how mentally weird I am when this happened today.....

The kids and I are on our way to see a movie and I am talking to a nurse about Janie's procedure tomorrow, she puts me on hold for a minute and I'm listening to the on hold message that says; " Did you know that icicles are the second leading cause of injury or death to a child, second only to automobiles". Images of children being impaled by icicles falling from houses or children stabbing each other with them are flying through my mind and I'm thinking "REALLY?"

I then hear, "teaching your child to wear his or her helmet while riding bicycles can save a life"

Yes I am losing my mind:)

John David laughed out loud when I told him!

I think the movie helped a bit:)


  1. LOl!! That is so funny!!! I so get it. Honestly, in my case, I don't think those brain cells ever return! I have lost more of my mind with each child!! :)

  2. You are SO normal and you would be weird if you weren't having those crazy thoughts. LOL Hoping everything continues to go well!!!

  3. You would be weird if you weren't having those crazy thoughts!!! Blessings and love!

  4. I hear ya Paige. It's all a big blur. I'm typing this with a 3 year old on my lap!