Friday, May 25, 2012

Dollar Store Rafts.......

I am the first to admit that I am easily amused!! So this one got me for sure, I almost wet my pants!!! John David and I picked up 2 "rafts" the other day when we had to get Janie the beach pail she was wailing about.
This is what we got.....

still makes me laugh just looking at the pic :)

both of them can hardly hold John David up! I have to say they are perfect for the little's!

Janie would turn around and wave at me and say "love you":)

ice cream "in" the pool!

summer has begun!


  1. So funny. They look like baby doll rafts. LOL

  2. LOLOLOLOL!! That is absolutely hilarious! Somebody is making millions on those. Who checks to see if a raft is longer than your arm?? Hilarious!

  3. I've never seen such tiny rafts...hilarious! and YAY for summer!

  4. LOVE IT! uggg.. I miss you guys! Come to Texas soon.. Baby-Baby misses John David!! :) :)