Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is what happens when your wife "works out" in the yard

This is Paige's dumbbell....or at least what is left of it.   An 8 pound dumbell. 

Notice the green rubberized covering that matches the grass in our EXACTLY MATCHES THE GRASS.  I always do what I call an "idiot check" of the yard, riding around in the golf cart before I mow the grass.  I usually pick up a whole load of stuff but, apparently I missed the dumbells that EXACTLY MATCH THE GRASS.  That's a pretty common item left out in the yard right? 

Only a big dawg commercial mower like mine could chop an iron dumbbell in half - I'm so proud of it.  It's a Hustler Super Z with a 60" deck and suspension seat - It is such an awesome mower, goes 15 mph, and with the vacuum bagger attachment it will suck a gopher out of a hole.  How cool is that?

When I came in from mowing after about 15 minutes she asked, "Are you finished already?" to which I replied, "Nope.  I'm done....not is what is left of your dumbell.... you will need to replace it." 

                           Assessing the damage....making the diagnosis....fighting back the tears

                                                                     The carnage

I could just cry.  One bent blade bolt, two bent blades, two sets of spindle bearings, two bent spindles, two spindle bushings and washers.  The grand total of parts + freight....$398.80.  I threw in the labor at no charge - what a guy right?

I just love my wife....I still haven't asked what the dumbells were doing out in the yard.  Who knows?  All I know for sure is that if I were staying home with the kiddos most of our personal belongings would end up out in the yard....and if she mowed the grass she would run over every bit of it.


  1. Delurking to say Hank is funny! Paige I love reading your blog. Clicked here from Lucy's. Thought you were a friend with the same name. You had posted about your first husband's illness. My husband has brain cancer. I think the Lord led me to your blog. Love the name of it too ! Trudy Davis Olive Branch, MS

  2. Also delurking to say what a great husband you have, Paige. He didn't threaten bodily harm or anything. :) Love reading your blog - you guys are an inspiration. - R from Virginia

  3. Okay, this would certainly make my husband cry as well. :(

    Happy Mother's Day, Paige!

  4. LOL!!! OMG...I'm dying over here!!! Lori and Hank, we MUST meet! We would SO be friends in real life!!! :)

  5. Sorry Hank about your beloved!!!! But, so darn proud of you for not being mad at Paige about it...!!! I am going to have to share this one with Jeff.. He is going to have Lawn Mower Envy!!!! Perhaps for Father's Day, Paige can put her toys away!!!

    Like Jen said... We must find a way to do the "R" family, "D" family, "W" family trip one day!!! Would Disney World put us all over the edge?

    Have a great week!

  6. OK...seriously losing my mind!!! Obviously, I know that your name is PAIGE!!! lol...