Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Months Ago.....

we met our Janie in the civil affairs building in Changsha.

So many emotions and fears those first minutes for her and us! Poor baby was so very scared and unsteady on her feet. Hank and I were worried about many things but trusted that God had it under control. It makes me so sad to see her this sad! She still sleeps with her gogolay (doggie, I'm sure I spelled it wrong) EVERY night:)

Within a short time, we got this precious picture. I think it will always be my favorite of her. She was so very brave and embraced us in a matter of hours. 

It saddens me to think that daily I forget what she has gone through. She is MY baby and sometimes I forget there was a life she led before us. I feel like she has been mine since birth and it breaks my heart not to have known her before now. 

My thoughts about Janie 3 months later and how far she has come:

She now has to have Mommy put her to bed and will wail if  Daddy tries to take her:)
The first few weeks she was unsure of me
She will now wrap her arms around my neck and say " I lush you"
She will wrap her arms around her Daddy's leg and lean her head on his leg
She will fight her brother and sister for anything, John David just laughs at her, Madeline screams:)
She is spunky
a talking machine!
dare devil
has a smile like no other
oh so precious!

trying to do a push up like John David

oh how I love this pic!!

First Zoo trip

She loves to fish:) much to her Daddy's delight

this pic cracks me up since she oozes the little sister look!

wanting to hold the fish like her sister!

We now call the girls "the divas" as they demand much attention!!

It is really hard to put into words the emotions of the past 3 months. Janie is a story of God's faithfulness in caring for the orphan. He truly handpicked her for our family. Makes me tear up to think of either of my girls as orphans but they once were. This life is hard in many ways yet there is nothing more fulfilling in life as to experience becoming a mother to a motherless child. They are no longer motherless and will be fought for with a vengeance by this Mommy. I think back to the week after we received Janie's file and how scared and torn we were. I am so grateful that we trusted God and are now her parents. What a blessing we could have missed out on!!!

 I will forever be grateful to a precious foster family who stood in the gap for her until we received her. Every night Janie kisses me on each cheek, my lips and then my forehead and says "ni ni". Each night when we do this ritual I am reminded of how her foster mother cared for her and taught her to love and trust. What a beautiful gift she gave my baby.

My sweet Janie, we love you so very much! You have brought a new level of chaos and happiness to our family that we did not even know we were missing. We are so thankful for you!!!


  1. love your blog and your posts!!
    just something trivial that I want to bring up, just as a point of reference :)
    狗狗 (Gǒu gǒu) is doggie, in case you were wondering how to write it. Also, I feel that she is saying not ni ni at night but rather ai ni, which means love you. A family friend's adopted daughter says ai ni to her mom every night before bed and it sounded like ni ni...
    anyhow, love your posts :D

  2. What a sweet post! Janie is so precious~ love every single photo and thought you shared! It is so hard to look back on the 'before us' photos of our little ones. Such sadness and fear~ now they are so happy and loved! We are truly blessed beyond words. Thankful God chose us for this amazing journey!!! Blessings and love sweet friend! XO

  3. Beautiful words. So hard to believe it's been three months. Like you said, it feels like you've been your child's parent since their birth - hard to even imagine what their life may have been like.

  4. SIx months and it looks like she has been there FOREVER!!!!! You are doing an awesome job!!!


  5. I know I say it often, but I must say it again..I miss those kiddos! I can't believe it has been 3 months. I read the other posts.. Going through some of same things..Need my private time, sibling rivalry.. NO SLEEP!!! :) (PS Had to go back to work this week) When I feel at my wits end I just say " Praying for Patience Lord, praying for patuence!" And It helps me get back to my happy place.. My other prayer.. (Dear Jesus, please just grant us both 1 more hour of sleep and I promise, Alyssa and I will be better people all day!!") :):) :)