Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sleeping Beauties and a Day at the "Farm"....

Yesterday the long awaited Sleeping Beauty dresses came in the mail. The girls put them on in the driveway and did not take them off until bedtime. Yes, we did go out to eat in them as well, John David was mortified:). The only drawback from the day is that I now have glitter ALL over the house, in my car, on my clothes, face, mouth, get the picture:)

It got very quiet at one point when John David was at swim practice and this is what I found.....

This happened first.....

These make me laugh. John David and Will look thrilled don't they:) What a boy will do to be able to play with Dad's golf cart!!!

After dinner we went "a pickin" in Daddy's garden...

Hank is proud of his TALL corn this year!

Love the swim hair:) and yes he did go out to eat like this.....that's what happens when you are 49 years old with young kiddos, just roll with it or ignore it:)

this is what happens after the sad face

looking at the baby blue birds

the rest of the "sad" look we saw in pics from China. I'm pretty sure she was not so sad, just not wanting to have her pic taken:)

sparkles on her lip:)

dragging their loot back to the house


  1. Oh My Word! These pics are so adorable!! My absolute fave is Janie is walking to the garden holding her dress up!!! Precious! Between the princess dresses and our sparkle bows, we live with glitter EVERYWHERE!! I don't even notice it anymore :) (Never thought I'd see the day! Never had a glitter issue when it was just boys :)

  2. Beautiful pics! So jealous of Hank's garden - I have two 4x6 raised beds. That pepper looks great and the corn is huge!

  3. What a GREAT day! I know two girls here that would love those dresses too!!! We have a Cinderella one and the glitter gets everywhere too. :) LOVE your garden! Yummy dinner I am sure! XO

  4. Their dresses are so wonder they left them on all day. That garden looks incredible!!! I'd like to go picking there.

    Thank you for your kind message today.

  5. Good grief, how many acres does Hank have to play on!!!!! I love these pics!! You do such a great job of capturing life!!!! I LOVE the last pic...
    They are a piece of work!!!!!!!!