Thursday, July 12, 2012

Questions and Answers.......

As most of you know, we have many questions that need to be answered about Janie's special need (imperforate anus). We are leaving tomorrow for a few days at the beach with Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim and then heading straight to Cincinnati for Janie's testing.  We will not get home for 2 full weeks, yikes!!!!

Janie will have her first procedure under anesthesia on Thursday the 19th. We will meet with the Dr on Friday to discuss the findings while starting her bowel training the same day. She will have an abdominal xray daily until the next Friday to observe what works best for her bowels. We could come home with some over the counter medications or daily enemas, and/or the need to redo her surgery done previously in China.

Janie's second procedure will be the next Thursday, the 26th. She will be having a urology formal urodynamics test, kidney ultrasound and a cystogram. We will meet with the Dr on Friday to discuss those findings. We are praying for perfect bladder function so she can potty train and not have to have spinal surgery (tethered cord) at this time.

Needless to say we are thankful to have a few days at the beach to unwind before all this starts. We are taking John David and Madeline with us to Cincinnati as well and staying with my very brave college roommate. She has 4 kids herself so she is not totally in the dark about the workings of chaos. I'm praying we don't push her right over the edge!! Hank will be flying home on Sunday the 22nd and then back on the 25th. Pray I can keep it all together for the few days without him!!

I am quite anxious about this process since it is an unknown. I like to plan:). I know God has it all together for us already and knows the outcome for Janie. We ask for prayers for the doctors for wisdom in reading her testing and clear results. We also ask for prayers that Madeline is able to go with the flow in a new situation and does not become overly anxious (which usually leads to major tantrums). Hopefully after a few days at my happy place I can put on my big girl panties and have a great attitude as we embark on stage 2 with our sweetie.

As far as sweet sassy Janie goes, we met her 4 months ago today. So hard for me to believe!!! She is so special to us and just makes us laugh. She can get quite sassy but one minute in time out and she is a softy:) She really is compliant and desires to please. She is very social and follows me around,! The joke really  is on me!!! According to all her pics from China, I thought she was very shy, scared and timid. So not our Janie, it was very likely she had that look on her face because she was not getting her way haha!!! We love her to pieces and as big as the sky and tomatoes:)

not getting her way, makes me laugh out loud!!!!


  1. I am praying for sure and hope your trips is amazing!!!! Her photo looks JUST LIKE WP! He can turn on the waterworks in a second! :) Blessings and love sweet friend. Your sweet baby is in the Father's care and He will heal! XOXOXO

  2. I hope all the results are good and your time there goes fast. Check out the Creation Museum--I've heard it is really neat.

  3. That picture is awesome! Hilarious! I'm praying things go well in Cincinnati. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about your trip. I will definitely pray!

  4. Praying for Janie and yall. I love how you stepped out in Faith and were obedient to God to bring Janie home. Blessings.

  5. I am totally laughing at that picture also, hysterical!! Sweet little spirited girl. I will be thinking and praying for everyone during your two week hiatus. I will miss my morning phone call!! Much love my sweet friend (like tomatoes but really more like cucumbers for me)

  6. Oh that face.... How can you not laugh. We just need to throw Emme in there stomping her foot!! Thank you for this update and for the timeline! I will be praying for ALL of you!!! Yay for the beach! I wish I was there with you! CALL ME when you have down time! (HaHa to that sentence!) Lifting you up from MN!