Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrating Julianne's 21st!!

What happened to my baby???? I can't believe she will be 21 on the 15th!!!! We celebrated last Friday night since she had to leave for school on Sunday. Her last year of college........what happened to all the time??? I guess alot of it was spent getting to and going to China:)

Happy birthday my sweet girl. We are so proud of who you are!!!!!

Janie giving her "cool" look!

Kendyl is laughing because I told Madeline I would take her to Target if she would smile for one pic and this is what happened hahaha

I'm thinking we were not a quiet crew that night as was apparent by the pics!! We were going to get a sitter for the girls but Julianne wanted them there if " they could be good". We weren't worried about Janie, but should have!!! As you can see, she was the life of the party as I think will follow her all of her days!! Notice she was never in her seat:) Madeline was the one we worried about and she was an angel, her gift to Julianne:)

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you and miss you!!!


  1. What a precious family you have. Looks like a fun night. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl~ sure hope she has a GREAT last year of school. Gorgeous family!!! PS~ EK would smile big for Target too!!! XOXO

  3. Love it!!! I want to meet your crazy crew in "real life" some day!!!! Happy Birthday Julianne!!!!!


  4. Never realized how much Julianee is a "mini you"!!

  5. A blessed family indeed. Thoughts going your way through Janie's surgery and recovery. Thinking of your family often.

    The Chilcote Family