Monday, August 20, 2012

Out of Surgery!

Janie is in a room and sleeping. She had a rough time coming out of anesthesia but is good now. Thank heavens for pain killers! The Doctor is glad we decided to go ahead with the surgery since it ended up being one of the more abnormal that he has seen (MRI's just can't show it all). She would have many more deficits to come had we not had the surgery. So.... today we are very thankful!

Again today I am aware of God's plan for this precious daughter of mine. He told me to watch this miracle unfold and we are seeing part of it today. The "what if's"are going through my mind and thoughts of her life in China had God not called us.... makes me want to cry for hours.

Thanks for ALL the prayers!!!


  1. Praising God today for protecting Janie, and calling you to her!!!!!!!! Now, prayers being lifted for her to recover beautifully and quickly, so she can go home soon!!!!!!

    Janie: Emme says, stay in bed, and do what they tell you to do so you can sleep in your own comfy bed soon!!!! :)

    Love from MN,

  2. Praise God. What a precious beautiful little thing she is.

  3. Wonderful to know that she is doing well and that the surgery was the right thing for her at this time! It would have been easier to put it off but you moved ahead with courage. Hope Janie is feeling better soon! ~Lindy

  4. I'm so glad all is well. Sending hugs to Miss Janie. Hoping she feels great and will be her cheery self soon.

  5. Paige,

    We are praying for the precious girl!!!!!!

  6. Praying for your sweet Janie!

  7. Continued prayer for your sweet girl!

  8. Oh sweet gorgeous baby girl! So glad it is over and she is sleeping and for the drugs too. She is in your arms where God intended her to be all along. Good stuff indeed!

  9. Oh Paige...I have been living under a rock and did not even know about the surgery. I am so very sorry. Janie is darling. Bless her sweet little heart!!!