Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prayers For Surgery.....

Little Janie will be having surgery bright and early Monday morning to fix her tethered spinal cord. 
Please pray for her and the doctor during this procedure. The surgery should last 45-90 minutes and will only hospitalized for 1-2 days afterwards. In saying that, please pray for Madeline and John David while we are in and out for those few days. Madeline is always apprehensive when her routine is messed up. God has given us the sweetest sitter to help us during this crazy fall, so please pray for Lauren as she takes my place as needed and for the bigs who will be helping as well (such a shame that they have school or real jobs now:)


  1. I just know Janie is going to do great!!!!! And so are you!!!!
    Prayers for a very un-eventful Monday at the hospital and at home!
    Hugs from one who has been there!


  2. We will be praying for yall. That picture is just to cute of her holding her Hello Kitty. :) Praying Janie will do Great and everything will go well and for overwhelming peace for your family.

  3. Praying for Monday, at the hospital and home! We need to catch up!

  4. Praying for Janie during her surgery & after she returns home!

    Blessings, Lori

  5. I am praying that all goes well with Janie's surgery. You and your husband did so well supporting her through her visit to Cinci and now are jumping right back in again. Janie seems like a little trouper and I hope she is back home and feeling better soon. I admire you and your family for all you are providing for your sweet girl. ~Lindy

  6. I am definitely praying for you all~ praying for sweet Janie to know it will all be of~ for you to be ok while you wait for her~ for your sweet ones at home~ for the drs that will do such an awesome job!!! God has prepared the way and thankful HE will be there too!!! XOXO and love!

  7. I'm praying for you guys for tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. Glad the surgery is a short one!