Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Her Rhythm....

Janie has been showing us a different side of her during these past few weeks. Tantrums......long ones......die hard not giving up and refusing to say "sorry" or "please".

This morning was a perfect example. As soon as she got up and crawled up on the couch with me, she asked for a drink and before I could even answer she fell back and started kicking those feet together like I was going to tell her "no". My thought this is how it is today!!!:)

The morning continued with many little battles with me praying my way through them. Battles of not wanting any socks to wanting socks to going through 4 pairs of socks to finally wearing socks.......changing her pull up and not wanting the one I had and having to dump out the entire box of pull ups to find the exact one she wanted.....falling on the floor because, I don't even remember why.....think I was praying to keep it together at the time!!!

Then........she is ready to go with her "duckys" for show and tell and a big ole smile on her face. I had to take a picture since it was hard to believe this little angel was so not a little angel all morning. Oh the life of a 4 year old.

when I uploaded my pics I labeled them
"Janie Brat"
just because it made me laugh
and I like to laugh
not fight
with a 4 year old!

So.... I took her happy little self to school and went to my happy place, the pool. I love to swim. It is my "nothing" from any noise but the water. I do all my praying, problem solving and deep thinking in that pool. I push myself hard and generally just feel better about life when I am finished. Many a day Hank can just take one look at me and say "I'm thinking you may want to go swim or run". I know he is motivated by the fact that I'm nicer when finished:)

As I swam today I just could not get a rhythm, fighting the water instead of going with it. Thoughts were running through my mind about how some days swimming or running feel so great and other days it is plain hard and you can't get a good rhythm going. I had been praying for Janie and it hit me...that is what she is doing. She has lost her rhythm with our family. She has gone from her world in China to her world with her new family and sometimes it is just plain hard on her. This precious child is struggling in her own way....fits, bossiness, refusing to say please ect. Madeline struggles many days with her place in this world and now Janie is showing me this side as well. I know through my experiences with Madeline,that once she works it out in her little mind she is oh so precious and sweet. My job is to help Janie work through this with understanding and love. I am learning to pray my way through these battles and try not to get caught up in them! I am thankful that this is a season and she will heal and grow over time. Oh how we love this child, brat and all:)

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"


  1. Big sigh from your friend over here!!!!! You are a GREAT Mom Paige. Janie and Madeline are so blessed to have their biggest fan and prayer warrior in you!!!

    I hope today is a "brat-free" day!! Soccer?

    Love ya!

  2. Bless you sweet friend~ we all have these days!!! Hoping today was better and you all are having a GREAT weekend!!! Very sweet photo!!! XO

  3. I needed to read this post today :) Great perspective on the not-so-fun days :) Doesn't hurt that she's such a cutie!!

  4. What an awesome analogy!
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  5. My sweet Paige:
    I learn so much from you as you write your frustrations, faith and love. Our times on the "mountain" with God are few and far between. Our lives are spent in the "valley" where He places us so that we will depend totally on Him. It is that old "building character" place that requires that we place ALL our burdens on His shoulders, trust Him and obey Him with our whole being. What a blessing you are!
    Love you,

  6. Ditto miss Kitty. Wow. Paige. Just happened to start reading your blog tonight. The. Encouragement and living water I needed on this desert day. I love your heart for Jesus friend.