Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Glorious Day........

Janie is released to EAT!!! Dr. Levitt says she looks great and get on with that eating. She told him all 100 things she wants to eat. We ordered a hamburger, french fries, chips, carrots........she is chowing down right now:) Her hamburger is 2/3 gone already haha!!!!

The plan is that she will be released TOMORROW and we can fly home on Wednesday afternoon:). I will have to be trained on cath care and will start putting on diaper rash cream NOW since I've learned that is the hardest part of this journey.

Needless to say there are 2 happy girls at CCH right now!

Ya think she is hungry???

She ate the entire hamburger! What cracks me up is that she rarely eats 
hamburgers at all, yet that is what she has asked for.....for days!!

hamburger in one hand, carrot in the other
who said hospital food isn't good???

Again, thank you for all the prayers!!
The last few days were TOUGH but it is past us now
whooooooo hooooooooo!


  1. Woo hoo! I bet there was lots of mmm, ymm, noises that accompanied this meal!

    I bet you can just taste home! It will be so good to reunite everyone, and to sleep, in your own bed, and just be HOME! There is no place like it! :) Praying for your next weeks to go smoothly.

  2. Yay for food!!! She looks pretty content chowing on her burger:) So glad she's able to eat and y'all are headed home soon!

  3. Dear Paigee:
    After reading your blogs today I thought that you really need to write a book about all this. You write beautifully and it is so poignant. I am so happy that little Miss Sweet-cheeks is finally eating. My prayers are with you and the entire family.
    I love you,