Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say a Prayer for Ivy.....

Sweet Ivy went to surgery at 7 this morning. Click on her button at the side to get updates throughout the day from Mary, and please pray for her and her sweet family as they wait...

As far as miss Janie, she is a bossy trooper this morning! A little whiny but I am too:) So far she has not asked for food or drink, amen! We are hunkering down for our 7-10 day stay. She is occupied with play-doh for the moment and I am answering her orders of what she wants made out said play-doh! Hank left a while ago to go back home.

Before I could publish this our nurse came in to check her incision and change her diaper and it was an enormous fight. She sure is strong, and strong willed!! I think she must feel very out of control and confused by all this, and of course not feeling well on top of that. Prayers please:)


  1. I am behind!!! Where are you? Don't answer. I will go back and read blog. I had 178 to read when I clicked on. I am WAY behind!!! Praying for you, Janie, Mary, and IJ!!!! XOXO

  2. OK! went back and caught up. Precious Janie! We are praying for your recovery and know you will be ALL good now!!! Blessings and love Paige!!!

  3. Oh Janie, sweetheart. Prayers for her and for you too Paige.