Sunday, December 9, 2012

Madeline's Christmas Program....

I'd better start posting these as John David's program is Thursday evening and Janie's is Friday morning!
I am always proud of Madeline for getting up on a stage since she does not like to be up in front of people. Her pk teachers worked very hard to help make her comfortable and it sure has paid off. She does not look like she is having a good time but she was all smiles after:)

she was looking for us:)

oh Janie.......

I love this pic of Madeline and Marin!

The program was so sweet and you can see Janie finally warmed up to her sister getting all the attention!
One down, 2 more to go!
It's Christmas time!


  1. SO awesome. My three are practicing for their Christmas program and so scared of the 'stage!'. Sigh! So happy for Madeline!!! Darling photo of you two!!! XOXO

  2. SO SWEET!! LOVE how her facial expression changes in each picture!!! Love watching our children during their Christmas programs!
    Kati's is Thursday night...can't wait!!

    Enjoy the rest of their programs!

  3. So Precious. Sweet Girls. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  4. She looks so happy Paige!!! YAY Madeline!!!! And, that Janie.. LOVE!!

    Merry Merry!!!! One more to go this week for the Little Bean!! :)

    12"+ my friend.. Dang, why are you not stuck here?


  5. She is absolutely precious!! She looks so happy and proud!! Gotta love Janie standing behind you pouting!! Lol.... And I love Madeline's hand on Hank's head!! So sweet!!

  6. What a cutie! And sweet pic of you three....Janie's expression just makes the pic! :) By the way, I hear your sister lives in Allen....small world!! Let me know the next time you're in. The Jen's would love to meet you!! :))