Monday, December 3, 2012

The Beauty of Adoption.....

When Hank and I began this adoption journey in 2005 I never could have imagined I would fly to Minnesota (the frozen tundra as Jen calls it) to meet 2 other Moms I met through the internet, Diana and Jennifer. God used both of them to help us bring our Janie home.  Now all my animals, 2 children and 2 of my favorite friends have been acquired through the internet!! I also got the bonus of another friend Jody who joined us on our adventure. Of course she just happened to move to Minnesota with a child adopted from where else but China. Only God does things like this! You have to check out Jody's blog for her recap of the weekend, she is the master writer and captures it all so eloquently!

The best part of the weekend is that we did absolutely nothing but relax and enjoy each others company. Thank you Di for bringing us all together and treating us like queens. I think I may  have reached the amount of laughter needed for my life as I return home to keep up with my sweet kiddos.

My heart is full as I think of all God has blessed me with since we said yes to adoption. And only God would have a Mom contact me about a child with Janie's need on our way home. This bloggy world is has a serious God connection in bringing these sweet kiddos to their that  I am fortunate to be a part of.

Just a few pics:)

Mr. Handsome as Lucy has tagged him took us all out to dinner.

That Emme!!!! She is so very special!
I did not get any pics with Ainsley, Sienna and Ruby:(
Take that back!! I do have pics...
totally forgot that Diana took these...

They are precious of course and so very sweet
It was such a treat to meet them all
my children are so jealous!

Oh my goodness is all I can say!!!!

We met Jody at the Walleye and she thought we were meeting at a bar hahaha

Hank took one look at this picture and said
"you all could be sisters"
wish we were!

A weekend filled with amazing fellowship and wonderful belly laughs.....
Jen, I giggled as I turned the light off last night!


  1. What a beautiful weekend!!! I totally agree that we all have a special bond only possible through God!!! LOVE that! Happy that you all were able to spend time together!!! Blessings and love! XOXO

  2. Looks and sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend!! God not only brings these precious children together with their "Forever Families" he brings all of us adopting together as well!!
    Glad you ladies were able to meet and enjoy some great laughs!!

  3. So nice to see the four of you together. You do look like sisters! What a blessing that you could get together. Thanks for sharing this weekend with your friends in blogland!
    Lindy D.

  4. It looks like you had an amazing weekend. I love how God knits hearts through adoption. I have loved catching up on your story ... through your blog. What a journey you have been on and yet what an amazing story of God's redemption through pain and heartache. I can't wait to continue to follow your sweet family. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and prayers on our journey to Ellie!

  5. So thankful for the sweet, silly, hilarious memories we have shared... I can't believe it was almost one week ago that we were being spoiled by Mr. Handsome!!!! THANK YOU for making the trip to the frozen tundra.. It was an AMAZING weekend!!!!
    I miss you!!!