Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Day In The Life......

This is what I saw when I glanced at the door 5 minutes after I had let Goldbug out
my first thought was 
"I didn't think it rained last night....
why is she so wet??"

the smell....
started wafting in the house
with the doors closed.....

funny, this is what was on my counter from homework last night...

I went back to the bathroom to let Hank know he had a new job this morning
It never entered my mind that I would clean her!
I know, I'm a brat.....
Hank was getting ready to catch a flight later in the morning...
so he was out.....
can you imagine having to sit next to the guy who had to clean his skunk infested dog
in a closed airplane?????? 
This is one of those times.... 
when your husband is a veterinarian works to your advantage,
he calls one of his employees and offers
to come take said dog to the clinic
to bathe, bathe again and again
and again!
Poor Lisa was still laughing this afternoon....
thankfully she did not quit her job
She said she could smell it as she turned on our street:)
The plan is one more bath in the morning 
and she will be able to come home again!

The house still smells like skunk....
who knew it could last all day
even when the dog did not enter the house.....
again, who knew????


  1. Oh girl, SO sorry! I needed a "Good Old Fashion Belly Laugh"!!! Thanks!! Hope your able to get rid of the smell...least she cute!!!


  2. POST OF THE WEEK!!!! Poor doggie!! He looks as if to be saying "Help me!!" Talk about a CUTE LITTLE STINKER!!!

  3. LOL...BTDT with my sweet old cat when he went to 'kiss' a skunk on the face...However, my DH let the cat back in the took a 'fire restoration' company to de=smell my house because my DH went to work afterwards......sounds like you are in better luck as you pt him outside...I bet the smell goes away in a few days....but the time I didn't think it was funny...but now I consider it one of the funniest momemts with my cat. And that was over 15 years ago...So it does happen and you will laugh about it later too...

  4. Horrors! Wally would be living outside if that happened to him. I have heard tomato juice works wonders. :) Val

  5. Oh my goodness! Cute pics! I know that smell well. Three times one summer!!! And the initial onslaught of stench isn't the skunk smell we're all accustomed to, is it? It's far more revolting. Thank goodness for Lisa - what a gem!