Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's a Steep Learning Curve......

for me!!!!! I am taking an online photography class and it is kicking my booty. I had to call in the forces yesterday and get Gardner and Kendyl to explain a few things......I am starting to "get" some of it....kinda.
Here are a few that actually turned out ok, I can't wait to play with them in lightroom!

I don't like the color in this one but I actually got her in motion and the background out of focus....

I have not had "homework" in many years
and I was not a procrastinator in those years
I did not have kids then either ha!
I hope I don't put this weeks homework off until the last day!!!
It is apparent from my pictures that Janie and the dogs are my only willing participants:)
Janie asked me to "do homework" all morning:)


  1. Are you taking the course from Lisa! I am and parts are kicking my butt too! moving into manual isn't so easy. You have to constanty have to find the right balance between iso and shutterspeed! I am so glad I finished University before having kids because I would never have finished after having kids. Not so easy finding the time!

  2. Learning to shoot in manual is NOT easy! Pretty soon, though, you'll be a pro! Love the close up puppy shot! (although, Janie is definitely your cutest subject)

    Just think of all the amazing shots you'll be able to capture in CHINA!!!!

  3. I want to move to manual too but I know I don't have the head for it right now!! I'm proud of you for tackling manual! Keep at it!

  4. I tried to think I could read a book and teach myself... haha NO!!! I'm about to try learning from a second book! I'm signed up for Lisa's next class but really should have taken the beginner one too!! I know how to edit to make the background blurry, but cannot seem to make it blurry as I take it... Way to go!!! :) Janie makes a great subject!! She's so cute!

    Don't give up and turn the auto back on! Haha!! That's what I did for now... ;)

  5. Look at you with that "BIG GIRL Camera!!!" Woo Hoo!!! We are going to have so much fun pushing each other in China!!!
    Can't wait to see you on your "cot" in China editing pictures!!!! Way to go!!