Monday, February 25, 2013

John David's Talent Show!

I am so behind in posting what we have been up to. John David has participated in his school talent show with members of his class since kindergarten, this year being his last.....booooooo:(
Each year the same two mom's plan their skit and teach any of the kids that are interesting in participating. We are one lucky class! This year had a "mardi gras" theme for a celebration for 5th grade.

the whole group

the girls are in love with David and John Parker

John Parker, Graham and John David

One of the teachers dressed up ( and yes that is a man) with another student for announcements:)

I was very challenged as far as pics go but this  has to be included, that boy can dance:)

It was so fun!

These next are of the teachers performing "synchronized swimming"

the tall man is head of  our lower school division:)

they were so funny
what a great school!

buds since 2 year old preschool

It was a great night
 I can't believe John David will be in middle school next year
Yikes here we go!!!!

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