Friday, February 15, 2013

Remember this picture?????
this is right where they belong!!!
Do any of you have a love/hate relationship with your animals???
I have lately......
just a few weeks ago was the skunk debacle
and lets not forget the cake debacle as well
I just laughed out loud when I found this picture
I have it labeled "i hate my dog"
I must have uploaded my pictures while still in a state of fury...
cracks me up even more that the wine is in the background
very fitting
that's all just Goldbug
let's not forget Odie
the trash compacter
and of course there is Ralph
the king of the counter
this last month Ralph has broken 6
yes SIX glasses
by knocking them off the counter
it is amazing he has not used up all 9 lives

Last night was is the final straw
the one that broke this camel's back....
we left the house to go out to eat
all the dogs were put in kennels
or so we thought
we have an escape artist now...
here is a before of a Valentine gift
six candy bars...

the after

and I can't post the after of  Madeline discovering her candy all eaten
(I was not quick enough to catch her fit of spectacular proportions on video)
plus her bag of valentines from her classmates..
all of them, every single one
and the candy to go with them
In Odie's defense he may have overheard Madeline tell me
"this is not what I wanted for Valentines Day, I don't like chocolate"
I think I remember her begging for a bite of John David's candy bar a few days ago....
and arguing with me about how many chocolate kisses she could have ...

 Also in Odie's defense
he was able to escape his kennel with true expertise
and Madeline did leave her candy in a chair
not on the counter
he would have gotten it on the counter anyway
since he is now known to get up on the counters
he is only like a foot tall....
I think he has 9 lives as well
seeing as he is still a member of this family
Madeline told Hank she wanted to sell him
"maybe she could make $100"
I don't care if I make 0 dollars....

and just to keep this real
while I'm typing away
Janie walks in the office
(remember she just had her tonsils out)
and threw up all over the floor
Now her...
I feel sorry for
(my sweet baby)
(precious one that has endured so many surgeries)
I'm not going to put her in a kennel just because she threw up
but I'm not sure when Odie will be allowed out
if ever....
Good times, Good times


  1. pets can be a joy, but you do know chocolate can kill a dog really!Very dangerous for them to get in too.

    1. yep, knew that since hubby is a vet:)

  2. OK - Based on the morning you had yesterday this "IS NOT FAIR!!!!!" Since I had a live trash compactor at one time, I completely get this post.. Of course it is MUCH FUNNIER when it is not my life!!! Oh Paige.. Did Hank call his assistant to do the "cleansing" on that little rascal!!!! I hope there was a bottle of wine close by for this one..

    Soon we will be walking down the jet way, and the plane door will be closing.. And, we will be LAUGHING about this story from a far away land! CAN't WAIT!!!


  3. Oh MY!! This post makes me so thankful that I blessed my brother with our Cavalier years ago!!! I might not have survived!!!! lol...Oh yes...they can be a joy, but they can sure be a pain in the @$%& too!!!

    Love ya! Get me on that plane NOW!!!!!

  4. We used to have a dog who would do stuff this!

  5. Just came to your blog from Diana's and love that photo of your is so cute and funny! We have three dogs...two Cavaliers and a Golden. They have gotten into so many things over the years! They are a lot of work but they bring us so much joy. I hope one day to have a few more Cavaliers but they are hard to come by (from good breeders) and are expensive but I love ours.

  6. These things are EXACTLY why when our two sweet puppies ran over that rainbow bridge, John and I looked at each other and said, "Well, glad that phase is over." No more dogs for us. 13 year of the dog life was a good run.