Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Days?????

Do you ever feel a little defeated by little people??? I react instead of respond, I am irritable instead of understanding, I am tired......the funny thing is that Madeline has been an angel, it is sweet Janie that has me on my toes and on my knees. I know "this too shall pass", I know "they will grow up before I am ready", I know all this and more yet I am tired......

So I am taking a deep breath and moving forward...... knowing that it will be a better day tomorrow, knowing that God has these little people exactly where he wants them, knowing that he will give me the strength I need, the understanding I need to give and the responses that these little ones need.....
and I need a good laugh so here are a few pics that make me laugh...

this makes me laugh out loud!! Madeline cut her hair and Odie's ear, thankfully not the "ear" but the hair on the ear!!! (she was 3, can't believe how much she has changed and yes she has cut her hair 2 more times since then), I would have cried had that been Janie since it is taking her hair FOREVER to grow!!

Halloween fun, haha

that is one big dog!

I think I see a trend here haha!!

such a goober:)

Ok I'm finished whining like Janie!!!


  1. I know we are going to survive these stages.. But, some days we need our friends to remind us and to encourage us along the journey!!! You are doing an AWESOME job my friend.. God chose you for these two little firecrackers!! Because He KNEW you could do it.. And, He knows you CAN DO hard.. That's why He gifted you with your fabulous sense of humor! He KNEW you would need it at times like this! (I think that is why He gave you Goldbug and Odie too!) May the sweet small victories remind you that you are not alone in this thing we call parenting! Perhaps we need to invest in some knee pads!!!

    Love you and I am counting down our 8 weeks to China!!!


    1. catching up this morning on your blog, paige. guurl, do I GET IT. somedays. somedays we can feel so defeated. but i agree completely with what diana wrote above -- YOU are doing an AWESOME job. as much as you chose these girls, God CHOSE you. and HE is so faithful to what He has called us to...
      and so we pour out our hearts, we sob on our pillows, we fall to our knees...and sometimes we post pictures to remind us of the laughter and love seeping out of all the cracks in our day. xoxo

  2. Can I just say... I KNOW how you feel and today was one such day for me too! I too find myself being short and snappy. Again, I wish we were neighbors... two peas in a pod!!! XO

  3. Totally get it! My little one just turned two and I have so many "yup, she's two" moments throughout the day where I feel like every button she can push has been pushed and I find myself wondering just how long certain "stages" will last. But my goodness what a love she is!!! A smart little firecracker and she seems to know just how to get Mommy going! Every single day I ask for guidance and the strength, wisdom, patience and understanding needed and I tell her every single night how much I love her, even when she drives me nuts! This is always met with oodles of giggles which melt my heart and help ready me for the next day. Being a Mom is one of the toughest jobs on Earth! You're doing great!