Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tonsils and Such.....

Sweet Janie had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday.....this makes the 6th time she has been under anesthesia since April. We hope it is to be her last for a long time. She was such a trooper and ate as soon as she got home. I think she was so relieved that I was not lying to her when I told her she gets to eat and drink after this surgery!

playing before it was time to go...

riding on her dad's back:)

in the "bunny tunnel" before surgery picking out her toy

just hours after her surgery:)

ready to eat again this morning!

This little monkey is ready for a break now!
her family is too!!
We are looking forward to spring break at the beach...
and no plans for further surgeries at this time whooo hooooo!

In other news....
I get to go back to China!!!!!
No, not to adopt....
but to follow along and help with Pearl River Outreach,
the organization that gave Janie such a great start with her foster parents!
I am so excited to be going along with my awesome friends
and not have the anxiety of a new addition to our family:)
I will be called the "cot" girl since I am the extra person along for the ride!
I will be able to meet Janie's foster mother and father...
I have no words for what this means to me....
just gratefulness for being given this opportunity!!

Now for just a dump of more iphone pics....
makes me laugh out loud, her pose in her new nightgown!!!
how can she do that?????

at Madeline's 100 day celebration

Kindergarten field trip
it still makes me laugh that I am going on field trips all over again!!

and just because I love these that Julianne put together!!



  1. Glad everything went so smooth for your sweet girl! How very exciting that you girls get to go to China and soak it all up! What a gift to go as friends and also to experience something as amazing as visiting her foster parents.

  2. What a little trooper. Hope she gets better soon. :) Love Madeline's smile, just sooo precious. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Bless her heart!!! Why did she need it? We are wondering about WP needing that too! She is a trooper! LOVE every single photo and SO excited about your trip to China. What a blessing that will be! XOXO