Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrating Janie.....

Today marks one year ago that we met Janie for the first time. What a year it has been.....full of highs and lows but mostly full of enormous blessings for us and our sweet girl. We are celebrating her family day and my 50th birthday in Mexico. To say that our family needed some time together is an understatement but also a sweet blessing to be able to do so. I have not taken any pics yet of Janie for her big day but will do so at some time today if she will let me. She has become quite the diva lately! We are letting her be in charge of what we are doing today so it should be interesting:). I'm guessing we will be at the kids pool most of the day! I'll add pics later of the big day. Just a few iphone pics....

posing for Julianne before we left

ready to board the plane
Janie was NOT into this family experience

I'm such a goober

they had so much fun!

I'll get around to uploading my camera pics when I get a chance. 

A few thoughts about our Janie
dare devil
life of the partay
mommy lover
fashion diva
knows what she wants kind of girl

One year ago today we walked into a room
to see a little girl crying
waddling around and inconsolable
she was terrified
we were terrified
we did not know the extent of her illness
she did not know WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON
my sweet baby girl....
all she has been through
In a short time frame she accepted us
and has not looked back
I forget all she has gone through because she is so resilient
I know she thinks of her foster mother.. 
tells me snippets of her memories...
for this reason 
I cannot wait to go back to China to bring pieces back from this sweet woman
who loved on her
and taught her that she is worthy of being loved.

She is worthy
especially to this family
we all love her so.... 

Happy Family Day our sweet Janie!!!!!


  1. Yea for Janie!! SO glad you ladies get to go love on our PRO babies and meet those precious foster moms who taught your baby girls how to love. :)

    Great pics!! Happy Family Day!!

  2. Loving seeing your sweet heart through your children. Keep up the good work, momma.

  3. Happy Day to Janie and you too Paige!!!! Blessings and have fun on vaca.

  4. Happy Adoption Day to Miss Janie! Hope you guys are enjoying your trip!! BTW- I so hope I look as good as you do at 50! Happy bday!