Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Love this, hmmmm what is a girl to do????

trying on her China baby girl pearls....I have been waiting to give these to them since we got back from China last year!

Janie cracks me up, I think John David was imitating Madeline, oh my....

can you tell the world revolves around this little crazy girl??

after church and waiting on lunch the girls played dress up, of course:)

then it was finally time for the Easter egg hunt!!!
This girl could not wait!

Hank got a little carried away around the chicken coop this year....

or maybe bored hiding eggs
about 20 were dumped in the egg box:)

Janie's legs just crack me up!!

I just can't go without showing what most of Madeline's day was about.....whining
thankfully she ended it on a good note:)

Allie was unable to "rehide" the golden egg (which is silver now)
because the little girls would not stop chasing her....
She just handed it to John David and he is telling her "that is not fun"
so in Allie fashion, she took off up the hill to hide it
with Hank's help....

He had to hold them back:)

we all had on any shoes we could find around the house since it was so muddy...
Julianne and Allie won with the tackiest...
the shoes are John David's and mine haha

we are all trying to imitate Janie's crooked mouth
John David is best!! and yes that is a bow in his hair, hmmmmm?

Lauren took these pics and thankfully did not show our feet!

Troy and Hank hangin...

Lauren and her girls:)
It was so nice to have Lauren and Troy with us today
they survived the chaos!!! whooo hooooo

back to dress up again and working on her poster for "star of the week"
at school . She is so excited to take her poster and get to take a 
special snack of her choice!

We had such a nice Easter
Our church service was wonderful
and the day with our family was as well..
Happy Easter!!


  1. Girl, I think a day with you and your family would make my stomach hurt from laughing SO much!!! Looks like a fun day for everyone!!

    Praying for you as you prepare for your China trip!


  2. Such a beautiful Easter! LOVE all your photos and your family is gorgeous!!! XOXO