Friday, March 8, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

our family traveled to China
to receive this precious girl....
this is the picture I looked at 
as I went to bed
I prayed for her....
for health
that we would not be too late to help her
for happiness
ability to love
ability to receive love
good nutrition
and oh so many more things....

those deep searching eyes haunted me 
I rested in the fact that God had her in his palms
that he was watching over her
and that he would take us to her

to this day
this picture stirs deep emotions within me,
causes my heart to pause
makes me realize she lived a totally different life
before she came to be ours

in my wildest dreams
I could not have imagined how God would answer my prayers
those precious eyes
no longer haunt this Mama
who loves her so


  1. Paige I remember like it was yesterday. Yall left a week before us to head to China. I can't believe we missed each other by a week. :)Janie is such a precious little cutie. Hope yall have a Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!!

  2. What a year! Precious Janie-I know she has brought so much to your lives! Happy gotcha day!

  3. I so remember waiting for those first pictures when precious "Lili" would be with her Forever Family!!!!! She waltzed right into your life and never looked back!!! Such a blessing to see the way Janie has blossomed with all of you!!!!!! And, look at her, on a plane to Mexico today!!!! Life is good!!!!!

    Soon you will be doing your annual cart wheel!!! Have a great trip!


  4. SO sweet! I so get what you mean when looking at this pic. I look at my little ones' before forever pics and I have a sick feeling... now to look at them full of love and secure. SO awesome! What a little blessing you have in your arms. Precious baby!!! XOXO

  5. I can't believe it's been a year! I followed your blog when you got her! Before I "knew" you!:). Have a fabulous 50 in Cancun! Looks like everyone is hanmh a ball!!