Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Will We Ever Grow Up???

Our family teases A LOT.......its a great stress reliever for me.....I figure if I laugh maybe I won't be so miserable haha!! My sisters and my brother and I always teased our Mom about one thing or another and she was always a good sport. I did not truly understand how ruthless we could be until my own children started making fun of me. I catch them looking at each other and trying not to laugh when I have just said something, or they all die laughing and won't tell me what I've done. I think they are a little kinder than we were to our Mom.

On that note here is mine and Hank's text conversation after I talked with Mom. She is not happy about the whole Alcatraz thingy, you know sharks and all....

Makes me laugh out loud, this is who we are and it is somewhat embarrassing!!! Mom we love you and promise to wear shark repellent. I know you just said "oh Paigey" and sighed and I know you are giggling just a bit picturing me dying laughing all by myself in my office!!!


  1. So funny! We have the same humor and people don't always get it! Haha! Love it. Y'all are crazy to swim Alcatraz though!

  2. Oh, Paigee - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia:
    What's a Mom to do?? I don't want you to die at all, but "dying laughing" is much better than being eaten by a shark!! Love you lots and lots,

  3. Oh we come from a household of practical jokers! Growing up w/five just can't escape it. My mom took it all in stride as well.