Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Time To Trust....

 We began the day yesterday in Zhanjiang going to a gorgeous park to visit our last three Pearl River babes...

the director of Zhanjiang orphanage, sweet Julie, Christina and one of the foster mothers

We then headed to the orphanage
I thought I was prepared...
seeing as we had already toured 2 already
I was relaxed with the anxiety of  meeting Janie's foster mom past


 What I saw, I was totally unprepared for.  I truly can’t put into words the magnitude of my feelings. I have seen many pictures of baby rooms in orphanages….yet the emotions that flowed through me as I walked in were overwhelming......seeing, smelling, hearing babies crying in cribs...a place so similar to what my girls lived in... gripped my heart in a way I've never experienced. Rows of babies laying in cribs, some crying, some merely looking around.....

There were 3 adjoining rooms: one for intensive care babies, the next for babies aged around 9 months to 2 years and the last newborns to around 8 months…..I’m totally guessing at ages but they were separated appropriately. 

My heart stood still as I picked up the first child. She looked deeply into my eyes and puckered her lips to kiss me. I think we kissed 20 times, I can say I believe all these children have been touched and held by the nannies since they all molded into us and were not afraid of touch. Each and every baby I held or leaned over and touched stared deeply into my eyes...I told each one of them that I love him/her...I prayed over each one of know the love of a family to call their own......that they will not be forgotten.....desperately trusting that God will provide for them..... the sins of this world overwhelming me. The thought that kept running through my mind was that even ONE day is too much for a child to be in an orphanage......the sad monotony of laying in a crib alone. That was the reality for both of my girls, thankfully not any longer. But what about all the others????

The only verse that gives me hope is Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

The truth is...... I do not understand any of this. I only know that I have no choice but trust in our God, knowing that our hope is in Him only....


  1. Okay crying !!!!!! My heat aches for those babies!!!!!! We started an adoption fund and are praying about going back to adopt. So happy you got to love and pray over those babies.

  2. Oh my, Paige. That 1st little girl you have pictured takes my breath away!! So sweet. Need to pray that more hearts will be broken over these children and be called to act...