Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hengshan and Zhuzhou!

Yesterday we  traveled by train to Hengshan and then on to Zhuzhou. We left the hotel at 7 a.m. and returned at 9:30 so a wonderful LONG day!
at the airport

Another day filled with tears and laughter, sadness and joy……..emotions going from one extreme to the other. Truly…..a beautiful day in every way.

Our purpose in Hengshan was to visit the orphanage and meet their new director then to love on the three Pearl River babies… and love on them we did. They were so precious and loved getting candy and sunglasses of course. It is apparent that these children are very loved by their foster parents.

 The added bonus was that Diana got to meet her daughter Sienna’s foster mother and father since they are still fostering children for Pearl River. It was truly beautiful to witness. The other added bonus was that it was Diana’s birthday. We celebrated all day. I mean really, who gets to lunch and dine with two different orphanage staffs on their birthday???? The Hengshan director ordered wine with lunch to toast her. Ms Meng and Julie brought a cake.

 Over the years I have seen pictures of children in orphanages celebrating their birthday and they usually have the icing on their faces. Julie put icing on Diana’s face and said it is “Chinese tradition”. Who knew, I never could figure out why these kiddos had icing all over them!!

 My favorite part of lunch was when Julie poured the rest of the wine into her glass, toasted the director and downed the wineJ She said it is “custom” to show your appreciation to someone. It has been such a blessing to get to know Julie, she has the sweetest heart!!

a few random pics from the city

this was sitting on the counter at the restaurant we ate lunch at...
Julie said they do eat snake.....
but she does not:)

next up was a visit to a temple....

We were asked to not laugh before we went inside....
we may or may not have!!
just get an image of jet lagged teenage behavior and you get the picture:)

After lunch we hopped onto the train again and went to Zhuzhou and met up with the new orphanage directors there. Mr Pang was a hottie! Julie turned to me and said “he has a good face” and yes he did! You can decide for yourself from the picture lol

The Zhuzhou orphanage was the Cadillac of orphanges, very clean and the staff let us tour all the areas. The difference in this orphanage and the ones in Hengshan and Changsha are drastic, yet they are all orphanages with orphans.  We loved on some sweet babies…..and saw a wide range of special needs. There were several down syndrome children. This orphanage had therapy rooms, a music room, school rooms ect. We saw kids playing on keyboards and singing and others in classrooms.  One minute I was laughing and playing with a sweet child and the next minute I could have cried a river. Diana called me into the baby room since more babies were crying than could be attended to by the nanny. I leaned down and touched a crying baby’s face and spoke to him. He stopped crying and stared at me for a moment and then started cying again. My heart broke for this little soul. One orphanage my be a “Cadillac” and another not so much, but the fact remains the children in them are orphans regardless.

                                    Diana got some great pics in the orphanage...

Next up we headed up the hills to visit the Pearl River babies. Think four wheeling on pot holed dirt roads!! I can't believe I'm not sore from bracing myself over those holes! Our visits were fast and furious, handing out goodies and loving on those sweet precious babes.

this little girl was so excited to meet foreigners!

The emotions I am experiencing here in China have been extreme. One minute I am saddened by the surroundings these children live in and the next I see such joy radiating from a child regardless of her surroundings or health condition. The next minute I see a precious girl sitting on a couch in her little den not really interested that unusual foreigners have entered the room. The director tells us that her best friend has just been adopted and she is very sad.

 I am having a hard time processing all I have seen this week, so much to take in. Mostly I have seen the beauty of God at work in each and every tiny detail of this depraved world. I am honored that God chose me to be the mother of 2 precious girls from this country, orphans no longer but children adored by a mom and dad, sisters and brothers. It is my hearts desire that these sweet babies I am meeting get that forever family as well.

you can take a girl out of China 
but you can't take the China out of a girl!!!

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  1. Paige

    I can't even imagine the emotions y'all have experience in the last couple of days. SO thankful y'all have been able to blog, sharing your sweet pictures and stories! Seeing the pictures of these Precious children, some smiling and some sad. Precious little ones y'all were able to love on!!
    Continued prayer for the rest of your journey!!

    I posted on your blog before...not showing for some reason?