Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm a Spoiled Brat!!

I got to go with my hubby to New Orleans this weekend for a meeting he was attending AND I got to get up late AND I got to do nothing all morning AND just hang with hubby in the afternoon and evening ( pure awesomeness) AND come home to happy littles who stayed with the bigs all weekend. THAT is what I am so spoiled about. Gardner and Kendyl held the fort down on Friday, Allie and Eric on Saturday and they teamed up this afternoon.

 When they were all leaving this evening Janie goes running across the driveway yelling "I love you" after them all. I realized in that exact moment how truly special my big kids are, that includes the spouses who I count as mine as well:). These grown kids take such ownership of these little ones. They have embraced this family and all the new additions along the way. They "get it" and love them all deeply despite the chaos that surrounds us some days. I am so very thankful for them and their willingness to be such a part of each of these kiddos lives!!

It also hit me how blessed we are with Janie's attachment to our family. We were not able to comfortably leave Madeline until she had been home for 3 years. But Janie, I am amazed at her depth of  love and trust for all of shown by her running after her big brothers and sisters yelling "I love you"! Only one word: precious!!!

I did not get many pics, mostly took some to text to John David:)

welcome to New Orleans

self portrait

was a he.....

we knew John David would get a kick out of this!
a machine gun mounted on the front of the coast guard 

thought it was a statue until he moved....

even in New Orleans......

random mask wearer...

Hank loved this antique gun shop as much as I loved the cool shoe store across the street:)

I sent this to Allie to prove that her old Mom was on Bourbon street at night.....did not tell her it was just to walk back from dinner to our hotel haha!

Allie's instagram shots of their day at the zoo:)

It was a great weekend getaway with Hank before I leave him in charge while I'm in China.  I can't believe I leave on Friday, so much to do, so little time:)
I sure will miss my family while I am gone and can't wait to see how they wing it without me.
One of my favorite Hank quotes is
"I could do 5 spays, 4 neuters and 3 knees in the time it takes me to get a 3 year old out of the house"
I can't believe he is really letting me go!
He must love me as much as he says he does:)

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