Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's Soccer Time Again.....

and Madeline played this time!!! She loved it and was so excited. It certainly helped that her buddy Carson's Dad is the coach!! We are playing with our church this time so she is able to play with her friends and most importantly her sister. Janie was precious and looked so tiny out there! Here are way too many pictures of our fun evening.......

BIG difference in the child that refused to play last fall...
proof that she needs to feel certain of her surroundings

oh my, she would not let me tuck in her shirt because no one else had theirs tucked in!

She is a peanut!

Tyler and Jacob entertaining themselves

I love how you can only see Janie's legs in this picture because she is so little!

peanut can throw....

and kick!
notice her shoes.....
you can't buy soccer cleats in a size 9!!
who knew????
most children have a larger foot when they are about to turn 5!!

just a little unsure of what is about to happen...

it appears they are listening to their coach
wish they would listen to me!!!!:)

swimmer hair JD

taking a break

I love Marin jumping!!!
I think they had just scored:)

Jacob trying to pitch a fit
it lasted like 15 seconds...
I am so not used to fits that are so short lived!!

Love the action:)

I am thrilled that the girls loved their practice and game!
This church league practices and then plays their game late Friday afternoons
I am sad that I will be missing 2 games while I'm in China
but hope to get some text pictures bright and early in the morning while there!!


  1. LOVE that they played and the photos are precious!!! Payne has an ultra small foot too! It looks like a baby foot compared to WP's. Interesting. Blessings and love!!!

  2. The whole thing made me smile!!! Especially the swim hair!!!! :)
    YAY Madeline!!!!

    Tell Hank we better be getting game updates via text!!!!

    10 more days!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Di

  3. Love these! I think we'll try soccer next time it rolls around :)