Thursday, April 4, 2013

John David's Birthday.....A Few Days Late!!

John David turned 11 on Tuesday the 2nd. I know we all say it but really "where have the years gone?"

We celebrated by going to his favorite restaurant Mellow Mushroom:). Julianne got to be here as well since she was  in town to go to a concert with her Mommy! It was so nice to have a little time with the original baby of the family:).

A few things about the birthday boy at 11:

he has the biggest heart of anyone I know
lover of all gadgets
lover of ALL things apple
friend to all
and so much more!!! He is a joy to raise, so enjoyable to just BE with!! John David, your family loves you so much!!

He has been wanting the shirt that Allie designed and sold the rights to:)
bout time Mom!!

A cover for something Apple

Daddy gave him a bow:)

acting the goofball at dinner...

the girls dancing and acting like fools in restaurant
thankfully we were in the back!

Now for an iphone dump!

Drew Holcomb
not that you can tell by the great pic:)

Need to Breathe
we had such a great time

typical sisters at church on Easter

this girl can pose
 just make me laugh!

my fashion queen
girl loves to change her clothes many times a day!!
Hands on her hips oh my
what will she be like as a teenager???

She cracks me up!

an afternoon at the doctors office, when we were leaving the lady checking me out whispered to me "I'd offer them suckers, but they act like they've had enough sugar already"
I wanted to laugh out loud but nicely said "and they are being really good"
In her defense they are obnoxiously loud when having a good time!

Hank took this picture tonight when he went back to turn off Janie's light:)
she insisted that she was not tired 
so I let her keep her light on the look at a book
because I was tired haha!!
and yes that is a black eye she is sporting!!
Happens when one runs into a bed post:(

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. My oldest turned 11 in january. Time just flies by. The girls crack me up. We have really been talking lately about adopting again. Call us crazy :) are you getting excited about going to China?